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Property Management Trade Shows and Expos 2023

2023 US Property Management Conferences, Trade Shows and Expos

ManageCasa has been a fixture at property management trade shows and conventions in the US and Europe. And we’re looking forward to more fun events in 2023, perhaps one you’ll be attending such as Apartmentalize.

We enjoy meeting current and future customers at many events throughout the year.  Landlords, community managers, and property managers stop by our exhibition booth to discuss their businesses, and how technology can make a difference.

If you are able to attend any of the events, please schedule an in person demo beforehand so we’re able to give you undivided attention.

There are plenty of new features in ManageCasa that will help you streamline, automate, and cut costs.

Recovery on the Way

The 2022 convention year was a little subdued, yet the property management industry remains stronger than most, and 2023’s calendar year of live events should be excellent. You can review some of the events we’ve participated in  including the major NARPM Conference, NAA Apartmentalize, Realtor Convention, and OPTECH conferences.

Make your travel plans and book your convention tickets now. Enjoy the educational sessions and network freely.  It’s your career and industry, so celebrate everything property management with us.

Travel and Convention Attendance Improved last year

Travel bookings soared in 2022 so we know consumers and business people were out, and the exhibition sector did see some recovery from the pandemic years.

“In the baseline scenario, the exhibition industry should see a dramatic rebound in 2022, exceeding 100% year-over-year increases in all 14 sectors, albeit from a low base in 2021. By the end of 2023, the exhibition industry is expected to fully recover.” CEIR Economist Dr. Allen Shaw, Chief Economist for Global Economic Consulting Associates, Inc., said.

ManageCasa team at NARPM.

Major events last year included NAR, NAA, OPTech, and NARPM sponsored shows. Previous shows in Denver, Munich, Chicago and Kansas City were amazing. See future show dates on our 2023 Conference page.  We’ll be at many events in Florida and California.

Refresh and Rejuvenate

For the fatigued property manager or landlord, 2023’s convention season offers a chance to get away, rejuvenate, celebrate, and refresh your professional connections.

Taking a break from the grind is critically important to your health  and productivity. These cities offer a variety of leisure, tourism and cultural experiences you’ll love. Don’t stay stuck behind your office desk.  The pandemic was painful. You need a break.

Ask Your Questions, Understand Tech Solutions

Since property management software is so vital to property management companies, we know you’ll have plenty of questions on how your operations can be improved, optimize your accounting, streamline financial/payment systems, and create the tenant experience that keeps vacancies low.

Lower churn, improve renter acquisition, better performing marketing and property maintenance, are just a few of the extra benefits ManageCasa’s next generation solution provides. You can learn about that in a casual, unthreatening conversation at our booth.

We know property management software is a high involvement purchase. It does take time to prepare to adopt technology. Honestly however, when you install and see how productive it is, you’ll be wondering why you took so long.

See more details on events we are confirmed to attend in 2023.

Make your plans for a great convention experience!  If you’re in the Apartment/Multifamily sectors, consider attending the Apartmentalize Conference in Atlanta. This extravaganza has everything you could possibly want.

Property Management Trade Show/Conferences

According to CEIR, more owners, property managers, Realtors and contractors will see trade shows and expo return this with a full return. Event attendance before the pandemic revealed the trade show/expo industry was valued at near $16 Billion (up from $13.2 billion in 2017) in business activity. It’s estimated at $18 billion last year.

Colorado Convention 2020 – Apartmentalize

Trade shows and conferences are very important industry events where attendees get a glimpse at the latest property management software, financial management services, property maintenance services, community management, HOA services, security technology, management intelligence and more.

You can get more out of your investment by meeting our team in person and capturing the right perspective of our transformative technology.

These meetings are helpful in building, long term sustainable relationships, and affirming that we’re committed to helping you succeed with your properties and to maximize your returns.

ManageCasa at the NAA Apartmentalize Conference

ManageCasa at the NAA Apartmentalize Conference

Trade Shows and GDP – Serious Business

According to CEIR, trade show activity correlates with overall economic activity and optimism. Attendees often have expectations of future business growth, new product/service purchases, and growth expectations. The shows indicate real estate businesses are evolving.  New products and services are vital and in real demand.

Screenshot courtesy of CEIR


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We’ve exhibited at some awesome events (e.g., Cooperator Expo Chicago, Cooperator Expo New JerseyNAR Realtor Conference , IREM Global Summit, NARPM, and Apartmentalize Denver).

Technology, Demographic, Economic, Political, and other Trends

Stay on top of property management trends here on the ManageCasa blog.  Of course, property management is our passion, and we’re very pleased to speak with property managers at the events.

Screenshot courtesy of CEIR

Note: Please visit the respective conference and convention websites for up to date information.  See more details on our events page.

Trade Show and Conventions in 2023

Event DateTrade Show / Expo NameCityStateCountryType of Event
ManageCasa Attending?
Feb 7Broward Country Condo & HOA ExpoPalm BeachFLUSAConvention and Trade ShowYes
Feb 28Tampa Bay Condo & HOA ExpoTampaFLUSAConference and Trade ShowYes
March 8,9Trade Buildings, Facilities, & Property Management ExpoHonoluluHAUSAConferenceYes
April 25 – 27NARPM Broker / Owner Conference and ExpoCarlsbadCAUSAConferenceYes
May 17-  20CAI Community Associations InstituteDallasTXUSConference and Trade ShowYes
June 7,8,9Apartmentalize 2023AtlantaGAUSAConference & Trade Show ExpoYes


We’ll list more conventions, trade shows and conferences as they are announced as the season progresses.

See more on how to select next generation property management software for better results.

We look forward to meeting you in 2023!


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