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US Property Management Conventions, Trade Shows and Expos

The 2022 convention and expo season is already under way.  the NAA Apartmentalize Show is the first of the big 3 events for the 2022 season.

Some of the attendees are eager given the last two years have shut down the convention industry considerably.  The mood at this year’s events should be excellent. And of course, vendors are showcasing new products, services and technology.

ManageCasa is one company that has been a fixture at these conventions. They’re an idea way to meet and greet property managers, landlords and investors.  Meeting in person is the best way to see the full potential and application of Proptech offerings for your business and get to know some of the people behind the scenes.

Travel and Convention Attendance Better in 2022

Travel bookings have soared of recent so we know consumers and business people are planning ahead.

“In the baseline scenario, the exhibition industry should see a dramatic rebound in 2022, exceeding 100% year-over-year increases in all 14 sectors, albeit from a low base in 2021. By the end of 2023, the exhibition industry is expected to fully recover.” CEIR Economist Dr. Allen Shaw, Chief Economist for Global Economic Consulting Associates, Inc., said.

ManageCasa participates in these events frequently and we’re looking forward to major conferences and trade shows ahead. As one of the notable brands in property management software, our staff enjoy great discussions with clients.  The trade shows provide an opportunity for you to get all your answers about how modern software can help you manage your properties better.

trade show convention

Last Years events were slower, but we had more time to devote to those who checked out ManageCasa’s solution.

ManageCasa team at NARPM.

Major events last year included NAR, NAA, and NARPM sponsored shows. Previous shows in Denver, Chicago and Kansas City were amazing.

For the isolated, stressed property manager, 2022’s convention season offers a chance to get away, rejuvenate, and refresh your professional connections. You’ve earned a break and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the conferences.

Since property management software is so vital to property management companies, we know you’ll have plenty of questions on how your operations can be improved, your accounting optimized, how automation will streamline your workday, how the cloud delivers benefits, and how Managecasa optimizes how you manage your tenants.

Lower churn, better renter acquisition, improved marketing, are just a few of the extra benefits ManageCasa’s next generation solution provides.

See more details on our events page.

Make your plans for a great convention experience!

Property Management Trade Show/Conferences

According to CEIR, more owners, property managers, Realtors and contractors will see trade shows and expo return this with a full return in 2022. Event attendance before the pandemic revealed the trade show/expo industry was valued at near $16 Billion (up from $13.2 billion in 2017) in business activity. It’s estimated at $18 billion this year.

Colorado Convention 2020 – Apartmentalize

Trade shows and conferences are very important industry events where attendees get a glimpse at the latest property management software, financial management services, property maintenance services, HOA services, security technology, management intelligence and more.

Certainly, when it comes to high value, high involvement purchases,  including starting a new rental property business or major tech upgrades, trade shows are must attend events.


Trade Shows and GDP – Serious Business

According to CEIR, trade show activity correlates with overall economic activity and optimism. Attendees often have expectations of future business growth, new product/service purchases, and growth expectations. The shows indicate real estate businesses are evolving.  New products and services are vital and in real demand.

Screenshot courtesy of CEIR


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We’ve exhibited at some awesome events (e.g., Cooperator Expo Chicago, Cooperator Expo New JerseyNAR Realtor Conference , IREM Global Summit, and Apartmentalize Denver).

Technology, Demographic, Economic, Political, and other Trends

Stay on top of property management trends here on the ManageCasa blog.  Of course, property management is our passion, and we’re very pleased to speak with property managers at the events.  Those discussions are valuable for clients and ourselves too.

Screenshot courtesy of CEIR

Note: Please visit the respective conference and convention websites for up to date information.  See more details on our events page.

Trade Show and Conventions in 2022

Event DateTrade Show / Expo NameCityStateCountryType of Event
ManageCasa Attending?
October 4 – 6, 2022Expo Real 2022MunichGermanyConference and Trade ShowYes
Feb 29 – Mar 2, 2022PM Grow Summit 2022San DiegoCAUSAConferenceYes
March 28-30, 2022NARPM Convention & Trade ShowSan AntonioTXUSAConference
April 20 – 22, 2022CALNARPM Conference & Trade ShowNapaCAUSConference and Trade Show
June 22-24, 2022Apartmentalize 2022San DiegoCAUSAConference & Trade Show ExpoYes
Oct 17-20, 20222022 IREM® Global SummitDallasTXUSAConference
Apartment Internet Marketing ConferenceHuntington BeachCAUSAConference
October 4–6, 2022Real Expo 2022MunichGermanyIntl Trade FairYes

June 22-24, 2022

NARPM Southern States ConferenceGreenvilleSouth CarolinaUSAConference
November 01-03, 2022OPTECH Conference & ExpoLas VegasNVUSAConference & ExpoYes
November 11-14, 2022Realtors Conference & Expo 2021OrlandoFLUSAConference & Trade Show ExpoYes

We’ll list more conventions, trade shows and conferences as they are announced in 2022.

See more on how to select next generation property management software for better results.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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