Since 2016, ManageCasa has been building the premier software platform to facilitate better property and community association management. It is our mission to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for our customers to make owning and operationg properties easier than ever.


Taming the chaos ofproperty management

Our core mission is to solve some of the biggest challenges that property owners, landlords and rental property managers, and community associations face by making complicated and tedious tasks both simple and personal.

Through our refreshingly easy, integrated platform, we automate and simplify your tenant and lease management, owner, community management, accounting, maintenance and communication, all while providing professional support. You and your Residents, Vendors, tenants and board members will earn the peace of mind needed to keep all properties managed properly.

Launched in 2016, ManageCasa serves more than 2,000 Property Managers, landlords and communities worldwide. Each year, our users have created and managed hundreds of thousands of properties and enjoy constantly improved tools and features: maintenance management, property specialized double-entry bookkeeping, document management, communication and more. We help managers optimize their entire workflow so that they can spend more time growing their business.

Our team is growing.
Come join us on the journey.

It’s an amazing feeling to work on something you care about, with people you enjoy spending time with. Our team brings tremendous energy and dedication to every task at hand, allowing us to be productive while having fun. That's ManageCasa. We believe everyone has the potential to feel this way at work.


Our Values

Our values guide every aspect of how we run our company.