Manage Maintenance, Architectural, and Compliance Requests all in one place

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Receive, Manage and Resolve Requests
from Anywhere

Best Ticketing

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Enjoy the industry's best ticketing system to track and stay notified about status changes, while being able to communicate holistically with all parties involved.

Track notes between the team and your management


 Assign tickets to maintenance staff or vendors from within your ManageCasa dashboard.

One streamlined


 Close tickets, update your residents, receive invoices from your vendors and pay bills easily.

Industry-Best Property Management
Maintenance Software

Create, Manage and Resolve Maintenance Requests

Allow your residents to submit maintenance requests from the resident portal, or create them yourself from anywhere in our powerful maintenance module.

  • Maintenance Requests
  • Work Orders
  • Mobile Violations & Tracking
  • Architectural Requests
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

Track tickets with threaded communication

All maintenance requests, violations, and architectural requests can be created as tickets in a Kanban-style structure. This provides an attached communication thread, a notes section, and many more things to keep you organized. 

  • Keep requests out of your mailbox and direct them to the appropriate person
  • Tickets can be submitted with images, videos and text
  • Tasks & Work Orders can be assigned to board members, maintenance workers, or external vendors
  • Easy communication with many stakeholders associated to the ticket

Requests can be submitted and updated 24/7 via owner and tenant portals

All requests can be submitted via the portal at any time from any device. Take care of your tickets on the go, and never miss anything.


Automate workflows for maximum efficiency

Why waste time with unproductive work if you can save time and keep your residents happy by automatically assigning tasks as the tickets come in.

With ManageCasa my entire maintenance workflow has become a breeze. As soon as my resident makes a request I get a notification on my phone, allowing me to take care of what needs to be done quickly and easily from within the app

Gissela Bennett
Property Manager

Pay your bills and vendors, charge your owners through the app

Streamline your payments. With ManageCasa you can centralize all your maintenance related account receivables in one place, allowing your team to pay attention to the important stuff, while automate the manual work.

  • Make payments from anywhere, anytime
  • Keep your organization organized with AR
  • Mobile Violations & Tracking
  • Increased reputation with on-time payments
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Your days of stressing over
property maintenance are over

Online Maintenance Requests

A simple way to submit maintenance requests with images and unlimited space for description, allowing you to take notes and communicate with your residents about the issue at hand.

Work orders created easily

Assign maintenance workers or service pros immediately, and share your progress with owners, tenants or other stakeholders. Communicate with all parties and receive automated updates on the progress.

Vendor / Service Pro Portals

Vendors and Service Pros can upload and share invoices, get paid through the portal and see payment status. Assigned tickets and communication is all handled in-app.

Kanban-style ticketing

You and your team can easily update tickets from one status to another. Every time the status is updated, all parties involved will be notified.

Common Area Maintenance

Keep your common area in top condition with CAM assessment, charges, maintenance, tracking, requests and reconciliation tools.

Board Member View & Tracking

Grant access to Board Members so they can track the status of requests and projects with ease.

Mobile Compliance Tracking

Easily add new violations, check the status on existing violations, and resolve them from the field. Document it all by adding notes and pictures.

Audit Trail

Gain insight into all events with audit logs as automatic record keeping. Review and identify errors or mistakes.

Work Orders Communication

Spend less time communicating with your residents, avoiding after-hour work and phone calls by doing it all online.

Architectural Review

Provide homeowners and your board with an easy way to process architectural requests from the moment they are entered to the moment they are approved or rejected.

Empower your in-house maintenance team

Provide your in-house maintenance team with the tools to manage their entire work online.


Enable your leasing team to perform inspections directly and in person as tenants move in or out, making sure reports can be quickly created and shared.

Let's push your community or rental business potential to new heights

With a truly reliable technology partner, you can finally free your team from redundant work and focuson the essentials to grow your business. Jumpstart your future with a free demo today.