Run your single-family
rental portfolio on the
most user-friendly
platform on the market

With ManageCasa you can manage the entire operational lifecycle of your residential property management business from a single all-in-one application.

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You Deserve a Robust Property Management Platform

With ManageCasa's mobile-friendly software, all of your day-to-day tasks are handled intuitively in one place.

Sophisticated tech, robust and scalable


Experience an enterprise-class platform, built for scale, expansion and innovative.

Industry leading Workflows


Allow your staff deliver the very best service to your clients, by leveraging automation and artificial intelligence.

Interactive & intuitive solution


Both your team and your tenants will enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-use property management software with a very organized and clean experience.

Managing residential homes efficiently requires a software that keeps all of your tasks organized and
transparent. Reduce your workload so that you can concentrate on managing your single family homes or mixed portfolio
more efficiently.


One Owner Login for their Portfolio

Make life easier for your property owners and landlords by granting them access to their entire portfolio from one single account.

  • See your entire portfolio from one portal
  • Easily switch between accounts
  • Manage customer reserve funds more efficiently
  • Scalable to support the requirements of major investors with larger portfolios

Require Custom Fields? Not a problem.

ManageCasa offers a truly customizable experience. You can create an unlimited number of custom fields of all shapes and forms. Track any specific information you need across each module within the application, and create custom reports for your rental owners.

  • Adding properties is a breeze with ManageCasa. Add custom fields as you see fit
  • Utilize our global settings to increase your efficiency
  • In-app notes allow you to document any relevant information with context

Lease Management

Make your leasing management process easy by reviewing and automating at each step. Store and automate leasing and charge creation easily within the system to reduce time and effort.

Accept rent payment with more than check, credit/debit card and ACH

You deserve to get paid on time, every single time. With ManageCasa you can create charges on autopilot and get paid automatically with recurring payments. Connect your bank accounts to the application and automatically funds to your bank.


I manage a residential portfolio of 160 single-family homes. I immediately saw major improvements to my team's workflow when we switched to ManageCasa. Automation at every step is a game-changer.

Leslie Davis
Residential Property Manager

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