Offer exceptional interactivity to your residents and your team with the leading mobile-friendly solution

With ManageCasa you can streamline your customer communication with tools that allow for more real-time interactivity. With better communication, you can holistically provide an outstanding owner, board member and/or tenant experience.

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Resident Engagement &
Communication Platform

Empower Residents, Owners & Board Members


Engage and communicate most effectively with a modern and clean interface.

Communication Tools


Provide engagement tools like in-app communication, document sharing, amenities, eVoting and more.

Accessible from  Everywhere


Allow everyone to engage simple with the online portal, accessible from both mobile and desktop so that you can keep your properties running smoothly, even when you are on the go.

A Seamless Resident
Communication Experience

Online Portal

Online Portal

Provide a one-stop-shop to your residents to communicate, share and access community & property information. Allow your homeowners, tenants and/or board members to submit requests and pay dues and/or rent online.

  • Reduce emails and phone calls
  • Improve customer service with a real-time online portal
  • Your residents can stay up to speed from anywhere at any time

Share Files, Make Announcements, Send Mass Emails

You and your team have multiple communication channels to quickly contact residents via messaging, email, push notification, and text.

  • Save time by sending communications from within ManageCasa
  • Keep all communication organized and stored with historical data in one single tool
  • Send mass emails to your community or individuals (including attachments)
  • Analyze open rates and see who has viewed your communication from within the app
share files

Powerful Template System with
RealMail and invoices via USPS

Send monthly invoices and/or mailings via paper mail to one or many recipients with ManageCasa's scalable template system that aggregates data in one patch to many recipients if needed.

  • With our RealMail service you can have ManageCasa handle printing and mailing
  • Add additional attachments like larger assessment plans or other forms and mail them to your homeowners easily
  • Easily send monthly invoices to your homeowners with payment stubs
  • Receive delivery reports about your mailings

Amenity Reservations

Build a community of happy homeowners and residents with our amenities feature. Enable members to easily reserve and book amenities in their community. With the integrated payment option, you can also let them pay online for paid amenities.


Collect Surveys and Vote

Connect with your residents and your homeowners in even more ways, by running a survey in your community to collect feedback. Homeowners are able to vote electronically from their own portal on official surveys.

  • Create surveys and eVotes with one or multiple choices
  • Collect results anonymously or with the transparency of the results by owner
  • Design the security of the vote with many authorization funtions to ensure the vote is very secure

A truly one-stop shop for running my community association. Everything my residents need can be handled from within the app, and the messaging tool makes it easy for everyone to be in touch.

David Harris
Community Manager

Private Message Boards and
Community Announcements

Further encourage your residents, community and homeowners to share updates. With one-on-one or community-wide message boards, you can decide how private or open you want the conversation to be.

  • Send announcement messages easily from your message board in the application
  • Notify your residents of upcoming events in real time

But Wait... There's More!

Online Portal - Homeowners

Offer your homeowners full capabilities to submit requests and communicate from within their portal.

Online Portal - Tenant

Tenants can communicate with your from the convenience of their tenant portal, submit maintenance requests, discuss repair issues, and pay rent online.

Applicant Online Portal

Let prospective tenants submit application forms, check their application status, communicate with your leasing team, authorize their background checks and much more.

Real Mail Service

Deliver RealMail directly to the mailbox of your recipientswith just a few clicks by utilizing ManageCasa's powerful template system.

File / Document Sharing

Allow all parties to share files and documents with each other in context. Documents can be easily exchanged and organized within folders.

Email Communication

Email can also be used to send individual or bulk messages to a larger audience from within the ManageCasa application.

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