We know switching software can be a daunting untertaking, and that the effort required can disrupt your business. That's why we do the heavy lifting for you!

We know you have heard this before, but we are not playing around. We do everything in our power to make sure your migration will not disrupt your business in any way.

We Migrate All Contact & Property Information

First we bring over all your contacts (owners, vendors, service pros & tenants). This is the easy part.

Community or Lease Creation & Training

Next we re-create your communities and/or leases in our system. We will then assist your owners and/or tenants with their online portal access.

We Set Your Beginning Balances and more

We will help you to set your beginning balances in our accounting module, and configure any other settings so that you are all ready to go.

World-Class Training & Leading Customer Support

After Implementation, regardless of whether you utilized  our Premium or self-guided onboarding package, our customer support team will be available for any support you need. We pride ourselves for going above and beyond to ensure you succeed with our software. If you need additional training in addition to the ones that come with the implementation, you can always inquire for more.

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Onboarding Process Guide

Takes about 30 days


Onboarding Discovery

After you signed up with us, our Onboarding Team will schedule a Discovery kick-off call. In that initial call we will introduce our onboarding process, and ask some key information from your business including stakeholders, company information, number of property units, and more.

As we go through the onboarding process, we will continually explain our steps and answer any questions that may arise.


Data Source

To migrate your data from your old system to ManageCasa, we require an export of your existing data: contacts, properties, HOA/COA details or lease information, etc.

We will provide you with the ManageCasa forms in an Excel format, for you to provide from your previous system. If you require us to migrate from your forms into ours, we can provide this as a premium data migration service.

if you require fields that our system does not have per default, we can help you with specific custom fields as well.


Account Verification

To be able to accept money from owners and tenants for dues or rent, you will need to verify your account.

Our onboarding team will help you verify your business and identity with Stripe, our payments service provider.

The verification process operates in real-time as your company information, contact, and bank information are verified with the banking system through Stripe.

Once everything is verified successfully your merchant account is instantly available to receive funds with banks that are related to the business you verified.

It's that easy.


Training Sessions

During the kick-off call, our onboarding team will schedule three future onboarding training sessions for you and your team.

During the training, our team, will review and cater the training to your specific business needs.

The training will commence as soon as you migrate your data since we want to make sure you quickly become familiar with the system using your own actual data.

We typically hold three onboarding training sessions, to make sure you have time to get familiar with the system with our standard implementation service.


Fine Tuning

During the last call with our onboarding specialist, we will do the final steps in the onboarding process to help adjust final global settings you prefer, verify that all previous steps are complete, and ensure that all data is in the right place.

We will send out a final confirmation email once that meeting has been completed with some final steps for you to complete.

At this point, you will be fully operational on ManageCasa and you should no longer need to maintain your previous software.

It’s Time to Love Your Property Management Software!

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Select value-added services to extend the productivity of your team, without compromising on the exceptional ease of use and functionality of one powerful platform. With the flexibility to choose which services are right for your business, you'll only pay for what you need.

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Help Center

ManageCasa has an extensive library of help center articles for you to read and learn from at any time from anywhere. Read our tutorials with screenshots and watch our detailed training videos from within the application.

Ask an Expert

Get answers and resources on demand! With our in-app support team, you will get live, unlimited advice from experts with years of property management experience.

Customized Training

ManageCasa’s training team is happy to train you based on your business needs with the ManageCasa tools that matter most to you, so that you can get up and running quickly. With our focused training you will quickly realize the productivity gains you were seeking.

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