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Present your Community or Portfolio, Let Residents Access Tools & Attract Property Owners

Hosting & Website Servers

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We are hosting your website for you, so you can concentrate what you do best.

Mobile-friendly Templates

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Customize your pages, add pages, edit text and images and push dynamic information from your ManageCasa app.

Domain Name & SSL Certificates

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Apply your own domain name and get a secure encrypted website.

User friendly Website Builder & high performing website

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Website Builder

You don't have to know HTML or CSS, our WYSIWIG Website Builder allows you to easily create an amazing looking website for your association(s) or property management business.

Build your responsive (mobile- friendly) website

If you are a community association, you want a branded website that is built to give your owners a destination to read about your community and access useful tools as a path to resident portals.

As a rental property manager you want your website to perform well, that's ‘why the website is built to drive owner leads, rank well and is easy to read.

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Why do | need a great website?

Your website is your business card of your community / business. You need to stand out of the crowd of the many not so good looking website from peers, make yourself look more professional than others. Our designers have designed the best looking templates for you to choose from.

Website Pricing Packages

SmartPro Website

Choose our SmartPro template layout and we help to apply images, font and color to match your brand.

Package includes:

Up to 15 non-custom page
Color code

Starting at


Monthly Hosting & Editor starting at $25/mo

* add-ons available to expand

PremiumPro Website

Our team will work with you to build a customized design to meet your elevated brand.

Package includes:

Assigned website designer
Assigned project manager
Up to 20 non-custom pages
Up to 5 Custom Pages
Color code

Starting at


Monthly Hosting & Editor starting at $25/mo

* add-ons available to expand

CustomPro Website

This fully custom website is designed & built with your specific specification.

Package includes:

Assigned website designer
Assigned project team
Up to 30 non-custom pages
Up to 15 Custom Pages
Color code

Starting at


Monthly Hosting & Editor starting at $25/mo

* add-ons available to expand

ManageCasa makes it very easy to pick and customize vacant units and list them to my website. I can control where I want to send my vacant unit into the network of syndicated listing websites

Erica Schuster
Property Manager

Receive Dynamic Listings/ Amenities

Receive dynamic Listings or Amenities from within your application. Let's have the application work for you with the key reason why integrated websites make so much sense. Push a listing and it shows up in your website. Add a new amenity and it gets added automatically to your website for your residents to see.

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But Wait ... There's More!

Fully Mobile Responsive

If you have standard pages, clear content, it can be done within a few days. If you have custom pages, those will be designed, reviewed and approved. The better your content is prepared we can start launching your webiste with the initial SmartPro Website and add additional pages after.

Dynamic show content

Your website from ManageCasa integrates perfectly with your website and allows you to push listings of vacant units to your website or simply allow users to see available amenities all control from within the website.

Best in Class Support

Your ManageCasa Cstuomer Marketing Website you do not have to worry anthing. Our team of experienced website specialists will manage your website for you.

Modern to Stand Out

Our default template is already amazing looking. In case you work with our design team to make it even prettier and apply finish touches to your website, your website will stand out from the competition.

Website Authoring Tool

You do not need to consult designers or web developers after your website is set up. You simple log into your website authoring tool and make small changes all by yourself and push updates life in real time.

Integrated Processes

ManageCasa's owner & resident portal functions like assessment payments, rent payments, maintenance, and many other things are accessible from your website so that your business runs more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do our default pages look like?

Our pages follow our default templates, which you see in our design recommendations, and are included in our SmartPro Website Price.

Can I customize a page?

Yes, there are lots of changes that make can make on your own or ask us to do it for you. Depending on your package there may be an additional charge. 

Can I apply to the website my own logo and corporate Adesign (branding colors)?

For sure! Each design will be branded with your logo and color schemes.

Can I make changes to my pages or even add pages to my site?

Yes, With the SmartPro Website, you can make changes to your 15 pages. You can also add additional pages at your discretion but without our help. If you decide to need additional pages and need our help, we can discuss the other packages like PremiumPro and CustomPro.

Do you help with content creation?

We will review the content from your previous website or the QA that we share with you if you did not have a website prior. We will make recommendations on how to organize content on the pages and help you with SEO recommendations, but we will not write content as this relates to your business and you should be aware of the right message for your clients yourself.

How long will my website take to set up?

If you have standard pages and clear content, it can be done within a few days. If you have custom pages, those will be designed, reviewed, and approved. The better your content is prepared we can start launching your website with the initial SmartPro Website and add additional pages after.

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