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Easily Upload & Store Documents & Files and Share with Owners and Residents
No need for other document storage systems since this is already all included

Go paperless

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Reduce paper archiving, and keep an online file cabinet that is integrated with all your information in one system.

Secure and

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All documents and files are in a secure datacenter protected by firewalls, 256-bit encryption ans well as highly secure data center optimized by security audits.

Associated where it
belongs to

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Search files easily. Also find by property units, contacts, maintenance, financial transaction or anything else simple since all your documents are associated to where and to whom it is related to.

Effective Document and File Storage all integrated into your management software

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Easily Drag-and-Drop Documents into your document and file storage system

Simply organize and manage your documents with an easy to use upload or drag-and-drop interface.

Organize Documents with Folder and Sub-Folder Structure

Categorize and group related files and documents by creating folders and sub folders

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Grant Permissions with Access Control

Share and unshare documents and grant permission for each document and/ or folder in Manage Casa. Share specific documents or folders with select groups or only selected individuals.

Replicate any Document, Share and Store

No limit to the number of documents you can create, share with one individual or with a larger list of recipient and automatically share and archive through your integrated document management system.

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ManageCasa makes it very easy to pick and customize vacant units and list them to my website. I can control where I want to send my vacant unit into the network of syndicated listing websites

Erica Schuster
Property Manager

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Get Signatures instantly

Effortless collection of signatures from owners, tenants or anyone else that needs to sign anything.

Coming soon

But Wait ... There's More!

Multi-Format Document Format

Store your documents in all common file formats, including xls, .xIsx, .doc, .docx, pdf, csv, .png and many more.

Access Control Permissions

Control access permissions for each document, file or folder within the ManageCasa software. Share with an entire community, a group or selective individuals.

Have Owners Share with you

Often other software products allow you to share, but how about you need an owner to share documents with you? ManageCasa has you covered.

Documents published to integrated Website

You need to make certain files or forms public on your website? You can easily control that from within the file and document management module within ManageCasa.

Message on Documents.

You wish you could have a dialogue on a particular document within the system? ManageCasa allows you to do just that.

Assign Task to Documents

You need to assign tasks to a document that you have shared? Simple go to the file and create the associated task that is easy to track and can be followed.

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