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ManageCasa automates the hard stuff, whether you work in an office or on the go, by allowing you to access all data, manage your rentals and financials, and stay in sync.

Building Managecasa
Building Managecasa

Why we built ManageCasa

You are on the go and on a mission

This isn’t just a job. You are looking to grow your revenue and portfolio, and build a business around your passion for real estate. Old-school property management tools aren’t built for the way you work. But ManageCasa is.

For the modern property manager

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  • We actually make property management easy for you. For real.
  • We help you to become a better DIY Landlord or Property Manager.
  • We give you a stellar support and access to Property Management experts when you need them.

How we stack up

Integrations, communication, tools, and more

All in one place.
All in sync.

That’s why 2,000+ Property Managers and Landlords ManageCasa

Can you imagine loving managing maintenance tickets, doing bookkeeping and communicating with tenants and owners? ManageCasa makes it possible.

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