California Housing Market Report & Predictions 2020

July 08, 2020

California’s Housing Market Forecast Sales and prices of homes in California took a decided downturn during May but is the rebound just ahead? A gloomy mindset has invaded the state yet there are Realtors selling homes and buyers buying during the pandemic. May's sales and home price stats head downward during May.  And with the…

  • UK Property Market Forecast 2020

    June 21, 2020

    UK Property Market 2020 New reports on the UK property market are increasingly positive. It's been a long shutdown period and people appear to be resuming their plans to move or buy a new home. The forecasts for lower property prices which should bode well for those with the financial resources to move in the…

  • Australia Housing Market Predictions

    June 13, 2020

    Housing Market Forecast 2020 2021 The Corona Virus pandemic certainly dimmed the Australian property market forecast during March and April. But while property prices were flat last month, Australia's amazing trade surpluses and business reopening might mean better times are ahead in the property market. As you can see in the housing charts below, home price…

  • Property Management Software 2020

    What's Happening in Property Management? A number of trends are sweeping property management, driven primarily by technology and housing regulations. These trends are forcing landlords and property managers to adopt newer, more modern property management solutions. Online rent payments and more powerful bookkeeping software are driving industry changes.  However, managers are realizing that automation, data…

  • Residential Housing Market 2020

    US Housing Market Forecast The Corona Virus has definitely put a crimp in the US housing market and ruined all previous housing market forecasts.  From the California housing market to the condo market in NYC, the current 3 month period is expected to be very subdued, but sales and prices may recover by January 2021. There…

  • Chicago Housing Market 2019

    March 18, 2019

    Is Chicago's Housing Market Worth Investing In? Chicago's Housing market like a few other housing markets, is recovering from the last recession, yet the political uncertainties of 2019 and the upcoming 2020 election hang heavily on the city's future. The windy city is plagued with high taxes, shaky financials, and restrictive government regulation. Up until a…

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