Overdue Rent - Getting Tenants to Pay

February 14, 2024

How to Get Renters to Pay Rent When tenants are consistently late paying rent or seemingly can't pay it, you're being on the spot. Politely encouraging tenants to pay is an important soft skill in 2024. Landlords are asking more about this problem and how to deal with it proactively and with a professional and…

  • 11 Ways to Attract Gen Z Renters

    February 08, 2024

    11 Ways to Attract Gen Z Renters It likely isn't a surprise to you that Generation Z is the fastest-growing renter segment in America. They were born between 1997 and 2015, which places them between 6 and 26 years of age. The leading edge have already graduated college.  They're racially diverse, have lived only during…

  • California Housing Market Report

    January 19, 2024

    Housing Market California Both Realtors, investors, home buyers and renters across California continue to wait in limbo for the 2024 California housing market to unfold.  Is this spring the "inflection point" the media have touted for markets? Is this the year, frustrated buyers will finally have the opportunity to buy, or will rising home prices…

  • Single Family Property Ownership

    January 17, 2024

    Mastering Single-Family Rental Properties Single-family houses remain the gold standard for residential real estate investment. And after a difficult pandemic/high-interest rate period, resale houses are being put back on the market in 2024. The opportunity for SFR is growing. For small landlords, the single-family housing market is the one they're most enthusiastic about. Home values…

  • Protecting Your Revenue

    December 19, 2023

    How to Adapt to Lower Rents and Rising Vacancies 2023 was another great year for landlords. Rent prices were stable and in many regions rose. Of late however, the trending news story in the property management and real estate space is falling rent prices. And since your operations costs remain high and your own mortgage…

  • When Will Rent Prices Fall?

    December 05, 2023

    Will Rent Prices Fall in 2024? Renters continue to ask about when apartment and house rent prices will fall. According to >Redfin's most recent news release, asking rents are beginning to go down faster.  November's numbers are down 2.1% year over year. Is this the leading edge of more vacancies and lower rent revenues for…

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