California Housing Market Report

January 19, 2024

Housing Market California Both Realtors, investors, home buyers and renters across California continue to wait in limbo for the 2024 California housing market to unfold.  Is this spring the "inflection point" the media have touted for markets? Is this the year, frustrated buyers will finally have the opportunity to buy, or will rising home prices…

  • Rental Housing Market Forecast

    December 21, 2023

    Rental Housing Outlook for 2024 We're looking ahead at the 2024 rental housing market to review the mix of major influences on your property management business. While each city/town have their own unique demand dynamics, the trends below will likely affect all landlords during 2024. No one's panicking about the sudden downward rent price trends…

  • Housing Market Forecast

    October 24, 2023

    Real Estate Housing Market Forecast US resale home sales have dropped to their lowest level since 2010. The lagging effect of fast-rising mortgage rates, mortgage rate lock ins, and tougher loan qualification has stopped first-home buyers from entering the housing market, and homeowners are locked in at previous lower mortgage rates and can't sell. The…

  • New Jersey Housing and Rental Market

    March 13, 2023

    New Jersey Residential Real Estate Market 2023 New reports show New Jersey may be the leading rental market in the USA for price and  demand. NJ's proximity to metro NYC and Philadelphia elevates the interest in its residential real estate stock, and consequently for available rental housing in its many small to medium-sized cities. Are…

  • Built to Rent Housing Market Exploding

    December 26, 2022

    The Built to Rent Opportunity Yet, with so few options for affordable housing, the built to rent housing market is drawing significant interest. It's a rental market trend worth investigating. Buyers want single family houses and not being able to buy, they are eager to rent, and at high rent prices. That creates an opportunity…

  • News, Events, and Stories for Journalists

    Conferences for Real Estate and Tech Journalists The property management and rental real estate industry are complex and fast-growing sectors which consumers and investors may not understand well. This is why attending one of the major industry events in 2023 is wise. You can connect with news makers and experts at any of the NARPM,…

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