California Housing Market Report & Predictions

April 25, 2022

California Housing Market California home prices surged 10% month to month to new record highs and demand still outpaces supply. Higher mortgage rates and mortgage payments don't seem to be deterring prospective buyers of real estate in California. That could be said of most housing markets. However, the rate of price growth during this past…

  • The UK Housing Market

    UK Property Market Update The property market in the UK is beginning to grow this spring of 2022. Normally, across the United Kingdom, sales grow to the tune of 28% while this March's growth numbers are much less at 18% (and up 2.6% from February). With subdued demand, higher mortgage rates, return of the stamp…

  • Hawaii Housing Market

    April 06, 2022

    Hawaii Real Estate Market Hawaii remains one of the world's most rare and attractive housing markets, and as the recovery continues, interest in buying and renting in Hawaii is bound to grow. The persistent trend to remote work will benefit the state although inflation and low numbers of rental units will reduce this cultural trend. …

  • Housing Market Forecast

    February 26, 2022

    US Housing Market The United States housing market is experiencing growing pains. In some regions, big influxes of migrants and millennial aged buyers, housing supply is falling far short, and what's available is in the upper price levels. The new release of housing market stats from NAR reveals sales across the US actually rose in…

  • Property Management

    Property Management During the Covid pandemic, digital property management platforms became absolutely essential to landlords and property managers. Not only did your daily tasks such as collecting rent, conducting inspections and maintenance work, doing repairs, and engagement with tenants change. You found new uncertainties about your revenues, owner accounts, and your ability to handle tenants…

  • The US Rental Property Market Outlook

    January 17, 2022

    Rental Property Market Forecast The US rental property market is growing in size, funding, and investment opportunity.  Growth in investment and in new rental property portfolios will drive demand for property management companies and new software technology. Enjoy further insights in this State of the Rental Market Report for 2022 which includes stats, projections and…

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