How to Make Homeowners Happy

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Revisiting Homeowner Bliss

ManageCasa™ has a commitment to customer happiness and fulfillment, and it drives our development of new features, enhancements and a wonderful platform experience. We're constantly thinking ahead at what the new bar for HOA software will be. 

And while our software helps you get things done, you still might not know whether you or your board are hitting home runs with your membership.

Everything you do as an HOA manager is ultimately in the service of making homeowners feel content and satisfied. Their bliss might be the water and fertilizer of your community life and future funding.

Happy Homeowners -- The Impossible Dream?

At times, their enjoyment and contentment must seem impossible, while at other times it appears so simple. Somewhere in between is the truth and your reality.

But if homeowner contentment is the ultimate deliverable that drives associations, then shouldn't you be laser clear on what they want, need and expect?  If you have that as the service foundation, would your association be respected to awarded all the funding you need?

Is resident dysfunction and complaints simply a function of unhappiness?  That's tough to measure even if you're using your ManageCasa™ polling capability to listen to the heartbeat of your membership.  However the polls/surveys are a key sentiment gauge if you design them well.

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Priorities and Changing Priorities

Your membership doesn't always know what they want. When they wanted stricter enforcement and cost savings, you provided. Later, they found it created issues for them. Their prioritized list of wants could be subject to change, but let's list the most likely benefits that are top of mind:

Safety and Security:

These days, safety and security are top of mind.  Gates, walls, fences, good lighting, security cameras and patrols, and neighborhood watch programs respond to their insecurity about their physical safety. And particularly true for women and children. You might respond with new security features and amenities -- some physical and others digital.

Collecting and providing reports of neighbor activities/crimes might help them feel your management/security know where the hot spots for trouble are.

Fair and Reasonable Fees:

Fees that are appropriate to the services and benefits rendered are appreciated by homeowners. But the cost of those services is going up fast.  This is where your HOA communications strengths come in, to present the reality of costs vs budget.

Well-Maintained Common Areas:

Regular landscaping, clean and well-maintained amenities (pools, parks, and clubhouses) along with reasonable repair times helps them feel the community is usable, clean and that they're receiving the lifestyle they expect.

Resident Respect:

Your great services, optimal communications, responsiveness, and listening skills go a long way to show you respect the people you serve. It's in the things you do every day and how you speak to them. Taking their point of view empathetically initially doesn't mean their idea/opinion is valid and worth pursuing.

Working through issues and challenges shows you respect them, but that ultimately the well being of the community is a priority, which they'll come to respect.

Digital Community Tools and Services

If you're not providing an online community experience including automation of communications, payments, and documentation, many younger members in particular will be unhappy. They expect digital access to everything to make the experience as simple as possible. And an HOA management platform (ManageCasa™) is the perfect way to provide that ideal experience for them.

Responsive HOA Management:

Responding professionally with empathy to residents' concerns, questions, and issues is a direct booster of their feeling of satisfaction. Your team's timely responses and actions indicate that your hear and value their responses.

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Effective Board Communication:

Transparent communication from the HOA board about rules, decisions, actions and community events helps build trust with residents. HOA transparency is a key matter in today's turbulent political and litigious environment. 

Fair Enforcement of Rules:

Demonstrated consistent and fair enforcement of community rules and covenants lets homeowners see that community standards are being protected and that no resident is feeling left out or disrespected. It makes frivolous lawsuits less likely to occur.

Amenities and Services:

High-quality HOA amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, pickle ball courts, kids playground structures, and walking trails are a major plus. Additionally, essential services like snow removal, trash collection, and maintenance are directly related to their satisfaction of the community lifestyle.

Financial Transparency:

Clear and regular updates on the HOA’s financial status, how funds are being used, what risks are present, and future financial plans help  to make residents feel more secure about their investments.

Sense of Community:

Creating and managing social events, community activities, and resident interaction contribute to human needs for community belonging and more enjoyment.

Conflict Resolution:

Effective mechanisms for resolving disputes between neighbors or between residents and the HOA board can prevent small issues from escalating to costly legal action to ensure more harmony in the community.

Community Decision-Making:

Involving residents in decision-making processes, through surveys, voting, virtual town hall meetings, and committee participation, may help ensure issues and preferences are heard and addressed.

Respect for Privacy:

Balancing community engagement vs individual privacy helps residents feel they're able to enjoy their lifestyle as they feel prefer to their natural rhythms.

View The Satisfaction Big Picture and the Details will Solve Themselves

Revisiting homeowner/resident happiness and bliss is all about building and keeping their support and not suffering their wrath. 

Using ManageCasa's various professional grade features, you're able to gauge their bliss and engineer a better HOA community experience to optimize their belief that you're managing as humanly as possible.

After all, they're looking for more than technical automation of services. It's more optimization of their lifestyle and satisfaction.

Take a deeper look at the ManageCasa™ HOA platform and why it's the ideal solution. Optimize your homeowner experience.


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