Association Voting Software Within a Platform

HOA and association boards and managers have plenty of association voting apps available today on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

However, what most managers prefer is to use a voting solution that is nicely integrated with their association management software. Because it’s not just voting, it’s what you can learn and achieve using a business-quality eVoting solution.

Add-on-apps tend to present additional IT and administration time that managers need to avoid. Streamlining really is the byword.

The advantages of eVoting are many, which you’ll enjoy reviewing below. The ManageCasa™ association management platform delivers this value add with our new eVoting features. It’s an improvement that will tip the scales on decisions to adopt ManageCasa™.

Achieve quorum, pass bylaws, gain voter insights, and reduce your meeting costs with secure electronic voting online.

Growing Confidence and Participation with eVoting

For HOA and association management boards, voting is a serious business activity and one that demands accuracy and privacy.

With so many associations still using paper ballots in person or via postal mail, there is the matter of errors, lost ballots, credibility and resident participation. And just because that’s the way it’s always been done, doesn’t mean you should keep doing it that way.

If you’re undecided about adopting online voting for your association, we hope this exploration will help you better understand the tangible business benefits for your board, association and residents.

Going modern with digital voting adds to your professional brand image and the perceived value of your association to residents too.

eVoting software provides insights into your board/member attitudes and preferences — excellent, helpful information when you find a way to consensus. And if some members don’t use digital devices, you can still issue and email paper ballots using the ManageCasa™ eVoting feature.

Association Governing Rules are More Stringent Today

Your HOA’s voting and resulting decisions have to be conducted according to your association’s governing documents.

Not doing so invites costly legal action. Having a verifiable process builds confidence, and improves awareness, making it easy for residents to participate. And eVoting helps to avoid accusations of wrongdoing, unfairness, tainted votes and fraud.

If a lack of resident involvement is an issue for you, eVoting can make it easy for them to respond to help you get a better reading on their attitudes and values. This opens the door for improved marketing to your members too. Overall, you have many tools to keep your association viable and running smoothly, year after year.

What You’ll Enjoy Using ManageCasa™ eVoting:

  1. improved board elections
  2. contract ratifications
  3. bylaw amendments and approvals
  4. reaching quorum
  5. multiple notice types, electronic reminders
  6. paper and mailing ballot option
  7. proxy voting
  8. voter list management
  9. anonymous voting
  10.  reports and graphs
  11. integration with ManageCasa™ system reduces friction and avoids spam email problems
  12. polls and general surveys

Elections, Polls and Resolutions

Your board elections and board resolution processes can be cumbersome. These tools present instant poll and election results to move your business forward faster. Time is money.

The simplicity and ease of using ManageCasa’s eVoting tools can significantly improve voter turnout and get resolutions passed. High turnout and voting means the real interests of the association members is being recorded and revealed — vital for engaging your full membership.

Managing voter fraud and proxy voting is a challenge for paper-based processes. With ManageCasa’s eVoting fraud checks, you can be certain that only one voting ballot per identifier happens.

Big Picture: Let’s focus on 6 essential features that solve your association voting challenge.

6 Essential Features of Your eVoting System

  1. integrated into the association management software platform
  2. 24×7 availability with built-in communications
  3. reporting and analytics
  4. voter verification
  5. report deliverability
  6. simplified interface

With all of this capability accessed so easily, why would an HOA board and management team look to outdated paper-based voting processes or outside apps? If you’re understaffed and underfunded, it underscores the urgency in upgrading to ManageCasa’s full association management platform.

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