Payment Software for Community Associations

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Collect HOA and Community Association Revenues

A community association requires a lot of care and attention.

 As a community association manager, you’re responsible for collecting HOA dues, finding, resolving and tracking violations, issuing tickets/invoices, sending out delinquency notices, collecting fees, processing checks, and depositing them into appropriate accounts as per your HOA/Community rules.

Payments and cash flow are vital to your company’s survival, which means a professional level community association payment solution is a good choice. Let’s find out how it will make a difference for your business.

With hundreds if not thousands of residents, it’s easy to see how manual or face to face payments creates an unacceptable amount of work. Going with an automated payment software solution for associations protects your valuable time and improves your accounts receivables.

Helping Homeowners Appreciate Your Services

Homeowners sometimes fail to appreciate that the fees and dues collected by associations are required to maintain and repair equipment, building systems, HVACs, roads, fences, community swimming pools, and sports fields

And fees/dues help with paying utility bills, vendor/contractor fees, digital communications subscriptions and devices, security systems, HOA management fees, staff salaries, association insurance policies, reserve contributions, as well as contingency funds.

These are fees for operating the business and keeping communities clean and safe, and warding off extra work for the community management team.

Today, residents are not always onboard with the association’s guiding rules for the community. They are more likely to find clever ways to avoid the community rules or paying fines on time.

Learn more about ManageCasa’s payment solution for community associations.

Avoiding Delays in Dues/Fines

You might be suffering from delayed payment of dues as well. Overall, payment automation can help mitigate these time-wasting issues one way or another. Most of your residents will appreciate the convenience of online payment, online notifications, and self-service for managing their accounts, responsibilities, and finding necessary documents.

Tenants can enroll into auto-pay through their tenant portal.

ManageCasa helps you and your HOA board optimize resident communications as well via the communications app or via a new community website.  Your board can publish helpful content and deliver effective messages — keys to managing communities professionally.  You’ll appreciate using our community association platform to keep all of your tasks organized and transparent.

ManageCasa isn’t just a property management software platform. It is designed to handle HOA and Community association’s needs. And property maintenance firms do need the efficiency of ManageCasa.

Automating payments helps with cashflow, fine payment collection, and allowing transactions to flow without error or complication. It’s integrated into ManageCasa’s accounting platform.

The Online Payment System Associations Need

The ManageCasa online payments system reduces paperwork time, check handling, reconciling charges, and it allows owners to use our autopay service while avoiding merchant processing fees.

You can pay your vendors/sub contractors online too.

This system reduces payment processing time by up to 90%. HOA and association members authorize auto payments via their bank accounts or credit cards. Payments, fines, and assessment dues are deposited directly into your business bank account.

You can make payments to vendors just as conveniently and quickly.

ManageCasa supports payments via:

  1. ACH bank transfers
  2. credit cards
  3. debit cards
  4. cash and check payments

You’re looking for affordable and professional grade payment solutions for community associations, and ManageCasa offers this and so much more.

Contact our sales team now to discuss your needs and challenges and how we might help:  415 800 1245.

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