Route 66 Property Management

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Company Name:

Route 66 Property Management


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Units Managed:


User Type:

Property Manager

The ManageCasa team is hard-working, true to their word and innovative.

Challenge Overview:

  • Route 66 sought a novel way to handle escrow account transactions to streamline their workflows and save money for their clients.
  • This feature was not supported by any of the software vendors they sampled, including ManageCasa initially.
  • Thought they were “out of luck”.


Route 66 is an innovative company in the property management space, always trying to push the envelope and seek out new innovative solutions. Route 66 approached ManageCasa with a functional requirement that they had been unable to find using other solutions, despite it seeming common for their particular use case in New Mexico. They inquired to see if ManageCasa would be able to address this functional requirement. ManageCasa understood the functional requirement well, given that they run a global platform with lots of customization and were able to introduce the functionality to the system in a relatively short period of time, allowing Route 66 to make the long overdue transition away from the escrow model.

Key Outcome: 

The customized workflow handling funds in our account on ManageCasa provides much more visibility for Route 66’s clients to know how their repair and maintenance money is being used. It also has proven to save Route 66 countless accounting hours. 

“The ManageCasa team is hard-working, true to their word and innovative.”

– Robert M., Property Manager


ManageCasa has given us the power to do exactly what we wanted with
our business; scale incredibly quickly without having to sacrifice the
quality of our user experience.
Deborah Lim
Managing Director

Big Business Edge

When looking for a property management platform, the owners of Moana Ventures knew that they needed a platform that would provide full functionality to manage their operations while keeping their team small and efficient. With ManageCasa, they have been able continue to grow at their desired rate while making sure they provide a great experience for their tenants and peace of mind for their owners. ManageCasa will continue to grow with Moana moving forward!

“Finding a tool like ManageCasa was a game changer for us. Property Managers like us take chances to help our business grow each day and a sense of peace comes over us when we finally take those steps forward towards becoming a more legitimate business. Moving our digital business operations to ManageCasa was definitely one of those key steps for us.”

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