Lake Lorelei POA

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Company Name:

Lake Lorelei Property Owners Association, Inc.


Fayetteville, OhioUnited States

Year Established:


Units Managed:

800+ property units

User Type:

Property Owners Association

Challenge Overview

  • As a new Association Manager tasked with updating all software systems, the Manager needed to overhaul a 90’s-era on-premise software database system that had become overly complex throughout the years.
  • They were seeking a clean, easy, and functional replacement platform. It was also vital that the new software could provide features to track custom information that was unique to the Lake Association.
  • The association also needed to update their own website. The previous site was very outdated, and they were no longer able to make edits or updates because the software used to develop it was so old. 


Lake Lorelei chose ManageCasa primarily because the ManageCasa implementation team was willing, agile and enthusiastic about rolling out the custom features necessary to meet the association’s needs. 

The association’s previous proprietary software had been built to cater to numerous custom data fields more complex than those of an average HOA: RV serial numbers, boat license plate numbers, and more. ManageCasa worked with the Lake Lorelei team to create a Custom Fields table that would accommodate all of this data and make migration more efficient, which was essential to ensure a smooth transition.

The association also appreciated that ManageCasa included a website development tool, which adds continuity for their members between the external site and the member portal.

Key Outcome

Lake Lorelei’s new website was rolled out early on, replacing their previous site that had over time become unresponsive and unmanageable. Now the team is able to update their site at any time, including the ability to add custom widgets and plugins.

Once the website was in place, the team then began the data migration process for all of their association members. With over 830 Members and many unique needs, the team worked hand in hand with ManageCasa’s onboarding and engineering teams to ensure the required level of customization and support was met throughout the process. 

Now that data migration is finished, the association is preparing to launch the full program to the public, including introducing ePayments and a custom resident portal for their members.

ManageCasa has given us the power to do exactly what we wanted with
our business; scale incredibly quickly without having to sacrifice the
quality of our user experience.
Deborah Lim
Managing Director

Big Business Edge

When looking for a property management platform, the owners of Moana Ventures knew that they needed a platform that would provide full functionality to manage their operations while keeping their team small and efficient. With ManageCasa, they have been able continue to grow at their desired rate while making sure they provide a great experience for their tenants and peace of mind for their owners. ManageCasa will continue to grow with Moana moving forward!

“Finding a tool like ManageCasa was a game changer for us. Property Managers like us take chances to help our business grow each day and a sense of peace comes over us when we finally take those steps forward towards becoming a more legitimate business. Moving our digital business operations to ManageCasa was definitely one of those key steps for us.”

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