MoanaVentures Inc.

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Company Name:

MoanaVentures Inc


San Francisco, CA,United States

Year Established:


Units Managed:

1000+ property units

User Type:

Property Manager

The interactivity and automation of ManageCasa is a game changer. We essentially have been able to build our entire Property Management business around technology and keep our resource investment to a minimum!

Challenge Overview

  • Moana Ventures was aiming to build a tech-savvy property management company and was seeking a software solution that would allow them to be agile and scale without having to increase their headcount
  • Needed an all-in-one solution to allow them to manage their operations efficiently
  • Sought an interactive solution to keep the company engaged with its tenants and rental owner


MoanaVentures decided to implement the ManageCasa Base plan to scale their property management operations. In addition, they began using the ePayment add-on and the Customer Marketing Website add-on.

Key Outcome

With ManageCasa, MoanaVentures was able to increase its management capabilities without having to add employee headcount.

The Moana team implemented automated reporting, began offering tenant and owner portals for quick communication, and brought all of their maintenance operations onto the ManageCasa platform. This allowed them to stay lean while providing a top-tier experience to all involved.

With ManageCasa, MoanaVentures has been able to oversee all operations through one system, eliminating the need to use a set of disparate platforms. The ability to manage all of their properties and communications has saved them a tremendous amount of time, allowing Moana to focus on scaling their business and providing a top-tier experience to both their tenants and owners. By turning on payments in the ManageCasa system, Moana was able to streamline all of their accounting and reporting workflows in one system.

ManageCasa is a true enabler!

With ManageCasa, MoanaVentures is building a Property Management business that is able to grow rapidly while keeping clients and tenants more than happy!

When the founders of MoanaVentures decided to create the company, they knew they would require a comprehensive software platform that would enable them to provide a superior experience for their tenants and property owners, while giving them the tools to stay agile.

Tools to help MoanaVentures Grow

When they incorporated as a company, MoanaVentures needed a property management software that was simple to implement, supported their goals of high efficiency , and would scale alongside their growth. As technologically savvy entrepreneurs, they naturally initiated a rigorous process to pinpoint the best solution for their specific business needs.

“We found ManageCasa to be the system that provided the most robust functionality with the quickest learning curve. This gave us more time to focus on what really mattered – finding the best tenants and growing our business.”

ManageCasa has given us the power to do exactly what we wanted with
our business; scale incredibly quickly without having to sacrifice the
quality of our user experience.
Deborah Lim
Managing Director

Big Business Edge

When looking for a property management platform, the owners of Moana Ventures knew that they needed a platform that would provide full functionality to manage their operations while keeping their team small and efficient. With ManageCasa, they have been able continue to grow at their desired rate while making sure they provide a great experience for their tenants and peace of mind for their owners. ManageCasa will continue to grow with Moana moving forward!

“Finding a tool like ManageCasa was a game changer for us. Property Managers like us take chances to help our business grow each day and a sense of peace comes over us when we finally take those steps forward towards becoming a more legitimate business. Moving our digital business operations to ManageCasa was definitely one of those key steps for us.”

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