George S.

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Company Name:

George S.


San Francisco, CA, United States

Year Established:


Units Managed:

30 property units

User Type:

Developer & Landlord

Only with the tools that ManageCasa has given me, I know that I am in control of my day to day operations. There’s no way I could be as productive with my portfolio if I did not rely on this tool!

Background Overview

  • Invested in and developed properties since 2012
  • Added small multi-unit buildings to his portfolio
  • All properties are spread across the San Francisco Bay Area


George is using most of the product suite including lease terms, contact management, accounting, online rent payment and tenant discussion.

Key Outcome

Managing 30 units across the majority of the Bay Area requires him to travel a lot. He faces lots of traffic, and for this purpose he has been able to accomplish tenant engagement and maintenance management through ManageCasa in order to reduce many hours that he otherwise would be on the road.

With the online payment feature that is currently only available in the US at the moment, George can collect rent easily. The days when he had to bring physical checks to the bank are over. With online payments, reconciliation of rent payments has become very easy for him.

From a property investor to a landlord

George invested early in his life in properties, and because of a family background of property developers, quickly stepped into the family tradition and learned what it took to be a developer that builds owns and rents properties. In just 7 years he increased his portfolio from 0 to 30 property units that he is managing on a full-time basis.

With support from his family, he started to develop and oversee multiple new constructions over the years that have become high performing properties in the area. His goal is to continue developing, owning and expanding his portfolio.

His portfolio is comprised of several small multi-unit residential, single family properties and eve a small size multi-unit retail development. The properties are spread across the Bay Area. He is managing short term rental as airbnb as well as long term rental. With his youthful approach to things, he always believed in using technology to give him access from any device from anywhere.

Easy to use tools

After having started his business the traditional way, he quickly realized that managing 30 property units, tenants, vendors, rent collection and maintenance management required using an online tool to keep pace and to be able to grow his operation.

“Only with the tools that ManageCasa has given me, I know that I am in control of my day to day operations. There’s no way I could be as productive with my portfolio if I did not rely on this tool!”

– George, Owner

Higher efficiency

Training him and his small team on ManageCasa’s core features was done quickly, and adoption has not taken much time either. George has since increased his operation’s productivity significantly. Tenants can now reach out to him at any time or night of a given day in the week and he knows what’s going on around the clock.

George will continue adopting additional services as ManageCasa releases them. “They are building just what I am looking for, and it’s just great to know that all they do will ultimately help my business.”

ManageCasa has given us the power to do exactly what we wanted with
our business; scale incredibly quickly without having to sacrifice the
quality of our user experience.
Deborah Lim
Managing Director

Big Business Edge

When looking for a property management platform, the owners of Moana Ventures knew that they needed a platform that would provide full functionality to manage their operations while keeping their team small and efficient. With ManageCasa, they have been able continue to grow at their desired rate while making sure they provide a great experience for their tenants and peace of mind for their owners. ManageCasa will continue to grow with Moana moving forward!

“Finding a tool like ManageCasa was a game changer for us. Property Managers like us take chances to help our business grow each day and a sense of peace comes over us when we finally take those steps forward towards becoming a more legitimate business. Moving our digital business operations to ManageCasa was definitely one of those key steps for us.”

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