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GreenBrook HOA

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Company Name:

Greenbrook Subdivision HOA


Knoxville, TN
United States

Year Established:


Units Managed:

117 property units

User Type:

Homeowner Association

Favorite Features:

Owner Portal Accounting Resident Communication  ePayments

Challenge Overview

  • Served as HOA Board Treasurer for 3+ years, grew accustomed to using three different spreadsheets to track expenses, income, P&L, pool key numbers, and community member addresses 
  • All resident communication was previously done via Facebook. This was complicated by a shared facebook page with another HOA, leading to inefficiencies in communication
  • Sent paper invoices in the mail each year, which took a tremendous amount of time
  • Seeking an easy-to-use platform for the board to broadcast community-wide announcements, send yearly dues invoices, and allow residents to pay their bills online


Managecasa offered the full suite of features Jocelyn and her team were looking for, without being too complex to navigate. She received software demos from a variety of vendors, but concluded that ManageCasa’s offering was the most useful for the HOA market, whereas others seemed to be clearly and only designed for general property managers.

Key Outcome

Jocelyn is thrilled to never again worry about whether or not she has saved her work before turning off her computer, as ManageCasa automatically saves her progress and provides a history of changes and which user account made them. She has noticed improvements in the accuracy of her accounting and can rest assured that no spreadsheets are ever lost.

She is now sending newsletters to her community electronically, which both saves time and allows her to make announcements to the HOA without getting the other HOA from the Facebook page involved. Her yearly dues invoices are now automatically sent each year, and residents can pay the bill from the comfort of their home computer or mobile device.

“It’s a better system all around. The service has been terrific! Anytime I’ve had questions or I can’t figure out how to do something, their team has responded almost immediately. They’ve also been very open to suggestions about how to make the program easier to use, which is rare for a software company.”

– Jocelyn Jeffries, Treasurer

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