Top 25 Property Management Software Products

As the pace of change and innovation quickens in property management technology, you’ll be looking for models of performance.

Let us introduce you to 25 property management software products that comprise the best in breed currently in 2024. These brief reviews will help you investigate the right software solution for your business.

Each has strengths and weaknesses and comes in at different price points. Software pricing is a consideration however, it’s the power of the solution multiplied by how it cuts your business costs and grows revenues that matters.

Enjoy this exploration of the best software solutions for property management.

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Matching Software to Staff: A Strategy for Success

A good manager/director knows their software, but also knows how it must support their own staff who get work done.  If your staff lacks industry training, experience and expertise, then a solution that’s user-friendly, with smart automation features, and is all-encompassing is a big helper for them. As you’ll see in the list of products below, the focus is on user-friendliness this year.

Your staff are important in this decision and a great platform helps you keep them.  With a new system, you may actually solve staffing deficiencies, ease training times, and deploy staff to more valuable work.  Each company, big or small has unique needs based on their service value proposition.


Success in software comes from a perfect match to your staff, with strengths in usability, scalability, support and all-in-one coverage.


Key Strengths of Platforms?

Core strengths do tell you a lot about where the solution will take your business.

Our online survey discovered that users value the comprehensive, all in one platform benefit the most. Patching gaps using 3rd party add-ons isn’t the vision of tech perfection and risk-free performance most managers have. Your software needs to cover all those key bases.

25 Modern Property Management Software Products

Here are 25 of the highest quality property management software solutions offered currently including ManageCasa, Rent Manager, Buildium, Doorloop, Appfolio, Zillow Rental Manager, Entrata, TurboTenant, Tenant File, Tenant Cloud, SimplifyEm, Rentec Direct, Innago, Rentberry, Property Boss, RentRedi, Hemlane, Yardi Breeze, Real Page, PropertyWare, Property Manager Cloud, MRI Residential, Property Vista, ResMan, Propertyware, Landlord Studio, and Property Matrix.

 #1 ManageCasa Property Management Software

If affordable, comprehensive all-in-one power, and financial management excellence is your priority, then ManageCasa is a fine choice.

ManageCasa™ is a next-generation, SaaS-based platform integrating a range of valuable rental management services for mid-sized landlords, property managers and association management teams. It compares with Buildium, Appfolio, and older legacy capabilities, yet is modern and user-friendly — two key benefits managers demand.

The recently upgraded user interface/dashboard (Premium Version) pushes the capabilities and user-customization features forward for a truly staff-pleasing and brand-building experience. This platform is respected for its ease of learning, professional grade accounting, rent/vendor payments automation, and powerful maintenance work order management, all with a dashboard designed to make users feel good and confident about performance.

 Using ManageCasa’s all-encompassing web and mobile-friendly platform, users can advertise vacancy listings, organize unit showings and move-ins, and perform inspections and improve maintenance of rental units. Equally powerful for multifamily, apartment and detached housing segments, is how business owners can add storage, marinas, mixed-use assets, and other asset management services, all from one centralized interface.

header-imager (1)-2

Teams can upgrade to smart accounting automation, lease-based fees, simpler automated payments and banking reconciliation, and manage operational budgets professionally. Collecting rent payments and paying vendors and owners via the application and reporting financials is easy.

ManageCasa’s superb customer Marketing Website subscription integrates a beautiful business and brand-boosting website to serve tenants and communicate effectively with renter prospects.

ManageCasa’s pricing is competitive with new packaged service and pricing options. Platform subscriptions feature helpful, English-speaking 24/7 live customer support and access to help center documentation for those who insist on self-help.

Key System Strength: simplicity and user-friendliness designed for property management staff who may not have expert level extensive technical expertise.

ManageCasa Pricing

ManageCasa’s pricing starts at a bargain level $1 per unit per month for property managers, condominium and homeowner associations and landlords. Beginning at a minimum of $100 a month. Inquire about custom pricing to get the ideal solution and rate for you. See the comprehensive features.

Do a FREE demo, or try the ManageCasa™ Platform for FREE for 14 Days!


 #2 Rent Manager

Rent Manager helps rental managers manage property portfolios of all sizes with a single integrated solution. Offering complete accounting and reporting resources, intuitive marketing and mobile management tools, and comprehensive work service capability within a growing network of integrated providers, Rent Manager is improving its offering to compete in today’s crowded property management software marketplace.

rent manager software

Rent Manager Software. Screenshot courtesy of Rentmanager.

Rent Manager offers an installable, standalone desktop version providing its core features allowing users to perform work without an active internet connection. Their online software provides real-time data connections via any device. Subscribers enjoy live tech support, automatic updates, data backups, and 450+ built-in reports, with drill-down capabilities.Its process automation features for rent applications, tenant screening, recurring charges and fees, making payments, and signable leases, add to their AppSuite Pro: mobile app for inspections, service issues, and payments.

Key Software Strength: flexibility and customization capabilities to tailor the software to specific needs and workflows.

Rent Manager offers a FREE demo, but unfortunately, no FREE trial account.

Pricing ranges from $1 per unit per month to $1.50 per unit per month to $2.25 for the premium package, with unlimited users.

 #3 Appfolio

Appfolio centralizes property management data via one platform and applies automation processes to maximize time spent and performance improvements. Appfolio advocates for a better way while delivering technology built to carry individuals and the real estate industry.

appfolio software

Appfolio Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Appfolio.

Originating in 2006, it has grown to 19,000 user base supporting a variety of property types and business models. Their legacy product provides accounting and reporting tools, email communications, maintenance and inspection tools, work order management, and smart bill entry. Appfolio helps customers with a steep system learning curve to reduce the learning curve and energy required to learn an enterprise system.

Key Solution Strength: a unified platform to manage a wide range of tasks.

Marketing websites include lead-to-leasing, ai leasing assistant, and virtual showings. The software firm offers two pricing levels of $1.40 per unit/per month and $3.00 per unit/per month.

#4 Buildium

Like ManageCasa, Buildium is a cloud-based property management software that gives managers of residential and association properties full control of all key aspects of their business.

One of the oldest property management software firms, Buildium has spared no expense to redraft and modernize their software to meet the demands of an enterprise-level property manager.

buildium software

Buildium Software. Screenshot courtesy of Buildium.

Services integrated into the platform include accounting entries and reporting, maintenance ticketing, online rent & payments, vacancy management, and tenant communications.

Common features include tenant and lease tracking, full general ledger accounting, automated rent and fee reminders, real-time reports, automated rent collection, along with vacancy listing syndication tenant screening services for applicant background checks. Included in all pricing packages is a do-it-yourself marketing website.

Key Strength: simplifying and streamlining complex enterprise-level management tasks by providing a user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate and operate.

Buildium’s tiered-pricing plans do not require a start-up fee or annual contracts. Pricing starts at $52 to $166/mon to the premium plan of $479 per month. Bank set up fees are $99 per account, $5 per esignature, and inspections start at $40 per month. Incoming EFT transactions are $1.25 while outgoing EFT are $0.50 per transaction while Credit Card transactions cost 2.99% each. Additional fees apply for onboarding and priority customer support.


 #5 Doorloop

Doorloop is a more recent entrant into the software market backed by massive advertising and promotion.

DoorLoop’s property management software helps manage, grow, and automate property management. It is one of the leading property software firms competing with Buildium, ManageCasa, and Appfolio.

doorloop software

Doorloop Rental Software. Screenshot courtesy of Doorloop.

The company promotes its solution for property managers and associations as an all-in-one platform, for these applications: Residential, commercial, student housing, mobile homes, affordable housing, and self-storage businesses.

Doorloop features all the standard service features such as automated rent collection by credit/debit card, ACH, and cash and check, customizable chart of accounts, real-time reporting, and connecting with Quickbooks for accounting tasks. You can receive maintenance requests online, assign work orders, and mail checks to vendors. The Doorloop platform offers a customized website to market your properties on Zillow and Trulia, receive applications and background checks, share documents, and achieve financial transparency.

Doorloop reiterates the importance of user-friendly property management software suggesting that no training is needed and automating tasks and leases is a key benefit. Unlimited support, training by phone and data migration are included.

Key Software Strength: its focus on automation and efficiency.

Billed on a monthly basis, software prices run from $29.50 for one unit for the first two months (normally $59), 59.50 for the pro version per month for one unit (normally $119), and $89.50 for the premium package (normally $179 per month).

 #6 Zillow Rental Manager

Zillow is one of the largest real estate listing and research data firms in the US. It competes with NAR, Redfin and real estate brokerages in the residential housing market.

Zillow_Hero_Transparent (download)

Zillow also offers a service for do it yourself rental property managers. You can list your rental, screen tenants, have them sign leases and get paid via their platform. It’s important to note that it isn’t a property management and accounting platform for full management of your assets. You would use other apps such as Quickbooks to for accounting, and spreadsheets for property management services.

However, Zillow has a significant reach to the renter market with millions of visitors each month yet it only posts to Zillow owned websites. You can post your rental listings for free. And you’ll enjoy messaging and tenant screening (credit reports, background checks, eviction history and income verification integrated into the listing platform to help you find and screen applicants quickly.

Create your rental lease using an online lease builder with templates drafted with local law firms, or upload your own lease and e-sign it with your renters. Collect rent, utilities, and move-in fees and deposit them straight to your bank account — at no cost to the landlord.

Key Strength: wide reach and exposure to a large audience of potential tenants via a syndication network.

Zillow doesn’t mention pricing, yet HooQuest reports a charge of $9.99 per week that your rental is listed with them. Zillow is a marketing powerhouse and you’ll find other vacancy listing services comparable to theirs.

 #7 Turbo Tenant

Founded in in 2005, Turbo Tenant is a well-known rental management brand. The company claims a base of 500,000 landlords and 12 million renters served in 50 US states.

Turbotenants’ goal is to empower independent landlords to create welcoming rental experiences through positive interactions with their tenants. It is highly focused on advertising and tenant acquisition.

turbotenant property software review

TurboTenant Rental Software. Screenshot courtesy of Turbotenant.

Service features included in the Turbo Tenant platform include rental advertising, online applications, tenant screening, lease agreements, rent payments, integrated accounting, and rental apartment management. Just like ManageCasa, Turbotenant offers a useful vacancy listing service that includes, Redfin, and

Rental application service includes a screening report with insights into tenant’s financial, criminal, and eviction history. Credit checks are via Transunion.

You can create and customize leases, automate tenant rent payments, connect to your bank account, conduct accounting with their own accounting tool (not QuickBooks) and generate tax reports for property owners. Manage documents, ensure tenants have rental insurance, and use in-app messaging with tenants via tenant portals.

Key Software Strength: focus on tenant marketing and lead generation.

Turbo Tenant Premium is $8.25 per month or $99 per month gives you all services included.

#8 Entrata

Founded in Utah, back in 2003, Entrata (originally named Property Solutions) is now an enterprise-level software hosted on the cloud which provides property accounting, facilities management and renter management features.

Some of the world’s largest corporate enterprises use their solution to manage their apartment buildings.

Their platform enables vendor management, lead management, work order management, and invoice creation and offers open APIs for integration for 3rd party apps you may wish to use.

entrata software for rental management review

Entrata Rental Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Entrata.

Entrata allows you to streamline your reporting, work processes and tasks, and improve performance with one platform. Branded service features include Resident Pay, Resident Portal, Student Revenue Management, Access Control, Facility management and reporting.

Marketing and leasing help comes via their ProspectPortal, lead manager, and marketing strategy hub. Their accounting tools include general accounting, budgeting, and job costing tools. As an apartment management software for large-scale application, the solution offers a number of utilities management features.

In the Multifamily property management space, their solution helps you gather actionable information, reduce reporting errors, and audit payments and billing, and configure your rental pricing faster. Accelerate resident move-ins, post transactions to the ledger, and automate your lease renewals.

Key Platform Strength: comprehensive and integrated system that covers multiple aspects of multifamily property management

Unfortunately, Entrata doesn’t post pricing for its system.

 #9 Tenant File

For more than 2 decades, Tenant File Property Management Software has been serving managers in the apartment, condo, retail and self-storage sectors. Previously it was a stand-alone desktop software, but is available online from Tenant File’s servers. That means automatic updates and likely faster performance.

This affordable software serving the small business landlord market allows online maintenance requests, vendor payments, online rent payment, automatic posting, separate ledgers, accounts payable and reporting functions.

tenantfile property software review

Tenant File Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of TenantFile.

Landlords can choose from two products: Tenant File 100 or the Tenant File 250 version for larger properties.

Key Software Strength: affordability, ease of use, and suitability for smaller landlords and property management operations.

Do-it-yourself landlords will enjoy the simplicity of Tenant File. However, Tenant File doesn’t post its price sheet. Still, you can download a trial copy of its application online and get a price quote online at their website.

 #10 Tenant Cloud

Tenant Cloud is a well-known SaaS-based property management software launched in 2014 as Evaware. The company’s solution is used in many sectors including accounting, building maintenance, financial services, lending, property management and real estate investment.

Being one of the more successful property management solutions, it competes with ManageCasa, Buildium, Appfolio, Turbotenant, and Doorloop.

tenantcloud property management software review

TenantCloud property management software. Screenshot courtesy of Tenantcloud.

Overall, TenantCloud has most of the common features you’ll need to manage well including online payments, accounting, reporting, esign, Google Sync, tenant screening, online leases and rental application.

Key Software Strength: user-friendly and accessible from multiple devices for mobile management.
Tenant Cloud comes in two versions, Starter for $15 per month and Growth for $50 per month for unlimited properties, units and listings. It has a record retention of 1 GB. Both have free trial offers.

For larger portfolios and those with special management needs, you can receive a custom pricing quote.

 #11 SimplifyEm Property Management

SimplifyEm was founded in 2006 by Pankaj Shukla and Narinder Sandhu, both of whom worked for Intuit in product strategy for QuickBooks and Quicken.

As its name suggests, SimplifyEm emphasizes simplicity for users and it’s a good basic property management software for apartments or single-family rentals. Like ManageCasa they’ve focused on using the latest in UX/UI and SaaS application technology, compatible with and usable on any device.

simplifyem rental property software

Simplifyem Rental Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Simplifyem.

Their web-based version provides online rent payment, accounting payables and receivables, lease tracking, full income & expenses tracking, lease document management, rental applications, maintenance work scheduling, bank reconciliation, vendor management, tenant insurance monitoring, and invoice generation.

Key Platform Strength: easy to learn, user-friendly interface and simplified property management workflows.

SimplifyEm has a starting price of $35 per month for 10 rental units, $55 per month for 30 rental units, and $2010 for up to 2000 rental units.

 #12 Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is another successful landlord software launched in 2007. It’s offered in two forms: Rentec Pro for landlords, and Rentec PM for SMB-sized property managers.

Features include full general ledger accounting, certified state-compliant trust accounts, robust reporting system, online rent payments, free website, electronic signature capture, owner portals, maintenance work order system, tenant insurance option, vendor payments, tenant screening, tenant portals, marketing tools and vacancy listing syndication, toll free support, bank syncing, file libraries and email and text messaging.

rentech direct property management software

Rentec Direct Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Rentecdirect.

Key Software Strength: accessibility and ease of use on multiple devices.

Rentec Direct offers a free trial and their rental management software pricing begins at $45/month for landlords and $55/month for property managers.

Rentect Pro starts at a $45/month price point with free setup. Users will enjoy unlimited tenants and properties, and secure file storage, and a free two-week trial of the software.

 #13 Yardi Breeze

Competing with Appfolio, Doorloop, ManageCasa, and Buildium, Yardi Breeze is the simplified cloud-based version of the well know Yardi property management software. Yardi also offers Yardi Voyager for mid-market and enterprise users.

Based in California, it is one of the oldest property management platforms launched almost 40 years ago as a desktop-based solution. Today, Yardi Breeze software application provides support for residential, commercial, self-storage, HOA/condo and manufactured housing properties.

yardi breeze rental software

Yardi Breeze Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Yardi.

Yardi’s solutions are aimed at property management, accounting, marketing and leasing, market intelligence, energy management, end-to-end procurement, business intelligence, and learning management.

Features include mobile management from any device, calendars and scheduling, centralized communications, user-level security, online applications and leases, tenant screening, and email and text communications. Online rent payment vis PayNearMe, debit, credit and ACH, with automated rent and fee postings. Users can receive online maintenance requests, manage payables, receivables, and trust accounts, as well as generate financial statements, and track budgets.

Key Strength: integration of property management and accounting functionalities into a single platform.

Yardi Breeze is suitable for commercial, residential, self-storage, HOA/condo and manufactured housing assets. Yardi Breeze is offered at two price points: Breeze at $1 per unit per month ($100 minimum per month), and Breeze Premier starting at $2 per unit per month ($400 minimum per month).

 #14 Innago Software

Innago is marketed as an easy to use tenant management software that any landlord can learn to use. Commercial, residential and student housing are supported.

Users enjoy all the expected features including online rent payment, online leases, maintenance requests, vacancy syndication listings, expense and reporting tools. Landlords also the renters insurance and tenant screening service built in.

innago property management software

Innago Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Innago.

The solution is promoted as a free solution, yet free means a lot of trial users, many of whom might have 1 to 5 properties. That extra load of non-paying customers can be a burden to customer service, and some of the reviews do cite disappointment with CS.

Key Platform Strength: simplicity and ease of learning and use.

There are no setup fees, monthly fees, and no contract to sign. The firm earns revenues via fees for tenant screening and online rent payments. For landlords with limited properties and tenants, it may be the ideal, zero-cost solution, since landlords can conduct applicant screening and rent payments via additional solutions (but at added cost).

 #15 RentRedi Landlord Software

RentRedi is marketed as an affordable mobile landlord solution.

This landlord-tenant app gives a full slate of services you need to manage your rentals, receive rent payments, screen renter applicants, manage maintenance requests, and list properties. Your unit vacancies can be listed on Zillow and and on your free marketing page.

For tenants, the platform helps tenants pay rent, apply for renters insurance, submit maintenance requests, communicate via their smartphone (iOS or Android phones), and boost their credit score when paying rent on time.

rent redi property management software

RentRedi Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Rentredi.

Key Software Strength: maintenance management and work order tracking.

Landlords can subscribe for a low $19.95 per month, or $9 per month on an annual contract.
You can schedule a free product demo. According to, RentRedi does not offer a free plan or a free trial of its software. The platform may lack business performance analytics as well. So you have to dive right in which helps them deter poorly qualified landlords, easing the strain on precious customer service crews.

 #16 Property Boss

Like Buildium, Appfolio, and Tenant Cloud, Property Boss is one of the pioneers in property management software. Based out of South Carolina, since 1997, the firm has been serving single-family, student housing, and multifamily landlords.

Like many landlord software developers, they promote their solution as a customizable single-family housing management software with Quickbooks integration, flexible functionality, and world-class support.

property boss rental management software

You’ll enjoy online payments including CCs and ACH payments, tenant screening, work order creation, accounting tools, and cloud document storage, and you can automate your lease to lead process and list vacancies via a feed. They’ve developed workflow features, and have online tenant portals.

Key Software Strength: comprehensive, all-in-one suite of features.

Property Boss does not post software subscription prices.

 #17 Real Page

Real Page started as a desktop property management software called Rent Roll, one of the original desktop software, installed and hosted by landlords themselves.

Today, Real Page is owned by Thoma Bravo, a private equity and growth capital investment firm which also owns Buildium. Real Page is an alternative to their other enterprise-level solution which might be difficult to maintain as two competing solutions simultaneously.

Real Page is a large-scale, corporate real estate and rental housing management suite competing in the corporate-level rental management space with Buildium and Yardi. In fact, it purchased Buildium, Clickpay, Onsite, and SimpleBills to capture more customers and improve their service.

realpage property management software

Realpage Property Management software. Screenshot courtesy of Realpage.

Real Page users can manage properties, expenses, revenue, and investments all from one dashboard. Accounting, transaction processing, secure document storage, vett vendors, ensure vendors are compliant, improve budgeting and forecasting, and more.

For smaller-sized property management companies, RealPage ® Essentials is an integrated solution that offering a simplified lead generation process, back-end processes, and allows improved team productivity.

While Real Page is an impressive firm, its focus may not be on small to mid-sized customers who often prefer a more simplified and user-friendly service. For corporate asset managers, Real Page is no doubt one of the best financial management tools.

Platform Strength: enterprise-level scale and industry presence.

Software pricing is custom, and only available via their sales department.

 #18 PropertyWare

PropertyWare is a subsidiary of Real Page, offering yet another possible property management sofware solution to small and mid sized landlords and property managers.

A FREE trial of the software is available online.

propertyware property software

Propertyware Property Management Sofware. Screenshot courtesy of PropertyWare.

PropertyWare offers custom dashboards (also available in ManageCasa), custom reports, owner portals, automated processes, online payment, accounting and bank reconciliation/reporting, marketing website, maintenance order management, tenant screening, and their contact center.

Key Software Strength: scalability and suitability for larger property management companies and portfolios.

Pricing for basic software is the normal fee of $1 per unit per month with a $250 minimum spend plus an extra implementation fee of 2X the monthly subscription price. Their Plus package is $1.50 per month per unit with a $350 monthly minimum plus implementation Fee of 2X the monthly subscription price. And their premium service is offered (at time of writing) at $2 per unit per month, with a $450 monthly minimum plus an implementation fee of 2X the monthly subscription price.

 #19 Property Manager Cloud

Property Manager Cloud is a SaaS cloud based software solution for landlords owning single-family rentals, apartments and multifamily units.

Their digital online management platform offers accounting, vacancy advertising, maintenance requests, tenant portals for rent payment and lease access, automatic email reminders, online renter application and lease creation.

The company’s leadership is based on sound principles, support for more housing, lower taxes, and market freedom.

property manager cloud software

Property Manager Cloud Software. Screenshot courtesy of

Property Manager Cloud pricing begins at about $20 per month for 1 to 10 rental units, $27 per month for 11 to 20 units, and $37 per month for 21 to 40 units. $57 per month for 41 to 100 units, and $87 per month for more than 100 units. For landlords with more than 1000 units, the last price quote may be quite attractive.

Key Strength: online rent payment and financial management.

With a SaaS/Cloud powered platform offering full-featured accounting, tenant screening and online rent payment automation, vacant listing advertising, automated maintenance requests, and email alerts for all users, there’s not much to dislike about Property Manager Cloud.

 #20 Hemlane Rental Management Software

Hemlane rental management software is aimed at small business landlords and features property marketing, applicant screening, credit checks, automated fee and rent collection, lease management, tenant communications, and maintenance management tools.

It is a modern, cloud/SaaS based solution (with a free 14 day trial version). Amazingly, there are no charges for setup or ACH bank to bank transactions. They have a collection of service reps to help you initiate service work to local vendors.

hemlane property management software

Hemlane Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Hemlane.

One area of concern however is whether their accounting app is sufficient for landlords or property management companies. However, you might still use Quickbooks as your property accounting software.

Hemlane software strength: user-friendly platform and property management task simplification.

Software subscription pricing begins at $30 per month. Their Essential service packages comes in at $40 per month, and complete package is offering at $60 per month.

 #21 MRI Real Estate Software

MRI property management software is one of the oldest commercial property management solutions, launched in 1997. It has competed with Buildium, Tenant Cloud, ManageCasa and other products for more than 2 decades.

Its initial desktop-hosted software has been converted to cloud delivery. However, this solution is on a proprietary network which represents issues for future scalability and 3rd party integrations. Yet is still compatible with some third-party service providers. English is the only language supported (at time of publishing).  MRI Living is their residential property management solution.

mri property management software

MRI Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of MRI.

The software is offered via the cloud for automatic updates, better reliability and data security and allows you to avoid IT management issues. Besides the usual property management modules, users can buy an investment management module. And additionally, users can purchase another module to schedule maintenance work orders, handle communications with contractors, track assets and more.

Key System Strength: comprehensive integration.

Pricing is only available on special request to their sales department.

 #22 Property Vista Software

Property Vista is a privately held company headquartered in Toronto, Canada founded in 2011.
Their property management software solution is SaaS and cloud-hosted, and it is marketed as an enterprise-level solution for the Canadian rental market.

The solution is designed to help landlords efficiently manage multifamily residential and student housing rental portfolios.

property vista software

Property Vista Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Propertyvista.

PropertyVistas’ platform includes a tenant portal, accounting system, marketing services, leasing and administrative apps, maintenance order and inspection solution, and a communication portal.

Key Platform Strength: tenant engagement and communication.

Pricing begins at $1.50 per unit per month t $2.50 per unit per month in the Premium service option (billed annually, minimum portfolio size of 500 units required for implementation) which includes onboarding and premium customer support.

#23 Resman Landord Software

Resman is Texas-based company owned by Inhabit IQ (who own Property Boss) offering a comprehensive and modern software for affordable and multifamily rental property managers founded in 2000.

Software modules included in the platform include a full featured property and accounting solution to provide financial oversight and control, HUD, Tax credit and rural housing compliance, leasing chatbot, budgeting tool, contact center, tenant screending and credit reporting, leasing management, rent payments, tenant portal, and utility billing, invoice processing, and vacant unit cost recovery (VUCR) reporting tool.

resman property management software

Resman Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Resman.

Key Solution Strength: advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.

Pricing is not published and available via their sales department. There is not free trial offer and you can schedule a demo online at their website.

#24 Landlord Studio Suite

Landlord Studio is an all-in-one property management tool for landlords.

Included in the platform is simple rental accounting, track maintenance, payment, tax accounting, and tenant screening (TransUnion reports for $40) modules.

The focus and strength of this platform is rental-related expense management and simplifying rent payment from tenants. Landlord Studio is available on iOS or Android. you can generate and manage applications from prospective tenants through a rental listing page on Landlord Studio.

landlord studio rental management software

Landlord Studio Rental Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Landlord Studio.

Key Software Strength: financial tracking and reporting.

You can try Landlord Studio for 14 days for Free.

Pricing: $12 per month for up to 3 units, $59 for 50 units, or $1009 per month for a 1000-unit portfolio. The Pro package offers full data export, Xero Accounting integration, automated bank feed and reminders along with multi-user access.

#25 Property Matrix

Property Matrix launched in 2001, operates out of Culver City California according to Crunchbase and has a staff size of 10 to 50 people.

Like ManageCasa, Property Matrix strength is in enterprise-class accounting where you can handle the toughest accounting complexities such as separate sets of books for buildings.

property matrix management software

Property Matrix Property Management Software. Screenshot courtesy of Propertymatrix.

Property Matrix includes easy Credit Card card and ACH payment options for your tenants, vendors, and owners, and fast check scanning for your office. You can automate recurring transactions, keep track of lease agreements, compile customizable owner statements, track separate income, expense, asset, liability and equity accounts. Users will enjoy built-in document electronic signing and scanning technologies. The communication functions include integrated inbox, email templates and email blasts. Your tenants will have a portal for their use, and you will enjoy building websites and be able to post vacancies to some large rental vacancy listing websites such as, Zillow and Trulia.

Key to Value Proposition: automation and task efficiency in workflows.

Pricing for standard package: $450 per month for 250 units, Matrix Pro package at $550 per month for 250 units, or Enterprise package at $1400 per month for 800 units ($1.60 per each additional unit).


Big Picture Overview Complete: Now to Create your Short List

That’s our introduction to the top 25 property management software products.

You could develop a spreadsheet with the top 15 must-have features to create a short list of acceptable products, thus avoiding details that could skew your clarity and vision.  From there, you can choose your top 5 brand list and then speak to their sales reps for a product demo to discuss features.

Demo’ing, trialing and asking questions is the best way to make the right decision, which is the key business decision you’ll be making for the next 10 years.

Explore more thoroughly the full feature set of ManageCasa™ which offers the essential benefits of:

  1. all in one comprehensive services
  2. secure, fast, SaaS cloud-based delivery
  3. professional-level smart automation of accounting
  4. professional-level maintenance work order and vendor management
  5. superb, budget management and reporting tools
  6. simplified, helpful user interface to power your staff workflow

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