New HOA Laws in Florida have taken Effect

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New Florida HOA Laws put Pressure on Boards

On July 1st, Governor Ron Desantis state government enacted a number of new laws, including HOA laws for the state of Florida.

The new laws allow more freedoms for residents such as:

  • backyard clotheslines.
  • trash cans on curbs and no fines for leaving trash cans out too long.
  • the freedom to display American flags on homeowners property.
  • normal parking freedoms and the HOA cannot restrict tenants, owners, or guests from parking in their driveway, or areas where they otherwise legally have the right to park such as the street.
  • having backyard gardens.
  • making changes to internal home structures.

New Requirements for HOA Boards

And for the HOA board specifically, the new laws require:

  • more transparency in the HOA's activities and posting on the association website, such as including the HOA covenants, rules, annual budget, contracts regarding a possible conflict of interest.
  • associations with 100 or more parcels, maintain a digital copy of specified official records for download on the association’s website or through an application on a mobile device.
  • HOA must provide the community members upon request, a copy of the contract between the association and the HOA or Community association management company it has hired.
  • HOA directors must continue their professional education each year: 4 hours annually for directors of smaller communities, and 8 hours annually for directors of larger communities.

The latest Florida State legislation is named the HB 1203 and is 44 pages long.  The HOA boards will be responsible for ensuring they follow all new laws.

The new legislation also provides for criminal charges for any board member or director who knowingly, willingly, or repeatedly violates.

You can read the exact official guidelines at:  https://www.flsenate.gov/Committees/BillSummaries/2024/html/3488 

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