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Professional Level Efficiency Should be Your Goal

Time is Money.

Every community association manager today is challenged by a lack of staff, resources, budget, and time to communicate well and get work done properly.

That daily clutter, friction, and waste translate into unhappy, complaining, uncooperative residents, frustrated boards, and overstressed association staff trying to make it all work.

What if you could speed up all the daily tasks you have on your desk, into a 30-minute session?


A reliable SaaS-based association management platform can help you gain work efficiencies with the automation of your workloads such as accounting, payments, collections, and communications. 


Empowered with ManageCasa™, you can protect your budget and sanity so you can focus in on what's actually causing excessive workloads and waste. It's more than just saving administration time.

And outdated, manual management style with poor communications costs your association in so many ways, we don't even need to count.  Big picture -- efficiency is needed, especially for self-managed associations lacking a full-service community association management company to offload to. 

Save your own time and you'll never need to hire an association management company!

This is more than just automation, because you have things to direct and do that can't be automated. ManageCasa™ for instance helps create alignment in your business, thus inconsonant events disappear. Those distractions are a byproduct of low-quality communications and management styles.

Ease Your Time Crunch

The key to the success of an association management software is to streamline work by design.  ManageCasa™ for instance is built to help you manage each task as part of your daily workflow.  

Smart automation as it's called is the new order of the day.  However, it's not so rigid or intrusive that you can't respond or build in your unique style.

Let's look at 16 Ways you can Reduce your Work to 30 minutes a day:

  1. membership applications -- allow new members to complete their membership application including the contact info and other profile information online
  2. membership dues payment -- using a payments app built into your association platform, allow members to pay fees, dues, assessments, fines, etc quickly and let the system do the bookkeeping and accounting
  3. meetings and event management -- keep your event management organization communications within the platform privately and securely while automatically informing residents of meeting times and dates.
  4. board meetings -- help boards capture deeper insights into residents' preferences (polls) and let them vote (evoting) wherever board members or residents happen to be via mobile device.
  5. emails -- use templates to send out common emails, notices, etc.
  6. automated alerts and notices -- no more manual notifications when you can automate normal recurring events such as sending invoices, payment receipts, and violation notices.
  7. dealing with non-compliant members -- let continuously uncooperative and uniformed residents manage themselves online instead of repetitive phone calls to you. They can pay their late fees and violation fines online too.
  8. payment notices and banking automation -- let members connect their accounts to their bank to automate payments and let the system notify them of payments regardless of how they paid.
  9. late fees collection -- automate pre-designed notice forms to remind residents to pay fees.
  10. delegating tasks -- assign tasks automatically to appropriate staff via the system or assign them manually quickly to staff who are then notified or alerted.
  11. fast response to questions -- messages/requests come into the system immediately (not insecurely via email) where you can answer quickly or send automated forms/messages to help them.
  12. self-help -- self-help documentation is desired by many residents who want answers/info now. Your ManageCasa™ system offers insights/guidance to the common questions residents have and helps to pre-qualify questions/issues that could come to you. Board members can find what they need without calling you.
  13. automate bookkeeping data entry and accounting entries - avoid errors in accounting when invoices and receipts and payments made are recorded automatically and then populate journals and ledgers
  14. work integration -- access relevant information on accounts, transactions, documents and more all in one interface and avoid searching for information or making decisions without proper context.
  15. avoid multitasking to focus on high-impact work -- let the system automate work in the background while you finish key tasks without interruption. Avoid random, text messages, emails, phone calls, and voicemails from residents regarding various inquiries, complaints, and concerns.
  16. automate key reports -- report on activity, maintenance issues, work performed, expenses and more via ManageCasa's reporting feature.

It's surprising how so many tasks can eat up your valuable time, actually compounding your time crunch. 

ManageCasa™ -- the ultimate efficiency platform for associations.

A system such as ManageCasa™ can help you dissipate the time wasters before they reach you. It's kind of like an invisible protective barrier and helps encourage compliance from residents (or board members) to respect your time.

You get your day back, and avoid multitasking which is a big source of stress to community association managers.

ManageCasa™ is your best ally to reduce workloads. 

If you're self-managing your association, isn't it time to reach out for help?  If your community association or HOA has several hundred members, ManageCasa™ could make a big difference.  You can self-manage with our amazing technology platform.

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