Let's Appreciate our Homeowner Associations

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Appreciation for Your Homeowners Association

Have you have taken a moment to think about the millions of people who live in non-HOA governed neighborhoods?

These communities are often in disrepair from vandalism and neglect, where ever-growing conflicts with other residents, crimes from outsiders, and low community spirit make living in them not so pleasant. And home values are much lower as a result.

HOAs on the other hand enhance the security and well-being of residents in the communities.  And they protect home values via efficient association management services which reduce the friction and cost of this broad range of services.

Your members need some reminders and this post might help you communicate the value better.  HOA teams silently help enrich and support their communities and many members are grateful. Sometimes a little promotion/enlightment needs to be made.

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Yet Some aren't Impressed with the Value of HOAs

There is a recent poll that suggested that HOA residents and non-HOA residents feel they'd rather not be in a professionally-managed neighborhood.

They resent restraints on their freedom, the fees, rules, getting permission, and security restrictions. In many non-HOA neighborhoods, electronic alarms and vicious dogs are their security protection.  Vandalism and graffiti scars buildings, parks are left to grow wild and unusable, crumbling, hazardous walkways, and it makes  residents afraid to walk anywhere.

And these communities rely on services from local governments which are reduced due to a lack funding, or their funding is routed to other costs. Complaints are frequent about too high fees and run ins with bylaw enforcement. Yet without good management, neighborhoods can't run to local governments for assistance.

But does the average American homeowner understand the situation?

Communications and Marketing Get the Message Out

Do these people have a point about how HOAs are managed, or is it simply because HOA's aren't proficient at communicating the value and impact of their work? Managers might be surprised at how little residents know about their operations and the actual dollar value it generates for residents.  And there may be prejudices about associations built up through media, verbose malcontents, and the old views of freedom and no rules living? And there's misinformation too.

HOA managers might need to step up their communications strategy to get the positive side out there. Residents might be more grateful if they understood the full picture.

After all, community associations are a structured living situation. So residents do have to be sold on and reminded of the greater benefit of giving up less for more.

Some are outraged by cost overruns and a lack of transparency and communications.

But when an association is run well, it draws a lot of demand for homes in the communities, raises property values, and keeps residents respectful and paying their dues.

Remind Yourself of the Top Benefits to Communicate

Selling the value of your association work is an ongoing process. If you don't do this well, the outcome for your members and their community might be dire.

The top benefits of living in an HOA might seem apparent, but they're not always.  Let's remind ourselves of the immense value you need to promote:

  1. property values rising reflecting buyers eagerness to be a part of the community
  2. quality of life with roads, parks, and amenities care for
  3. less friction with other residents, nuisance and bad behavior
  4. security and crime prevention means less risk to property and persons
  5. safer streets - less dangerous and careless behavior from drivers where children are safe to play
  6. financial stability and reliable management means achieving results within budget and avoiding disasters
  7. community spirit giving residents a feeling of purpose and harmony
  8. better maintained amenities and facilities for fewer breakdowns
  9. better community management when cost is downloaded to neighborhoods by governments
  10. increasing engagement of residents in community events (meetings, parties, recreational activities) and management (boards)

One of your biggest challenges might be the homeowner's view of your board and association. It may be tainting everything you're doing.

Your New Communications Strategy Using ManageCasa

Its wise to develop an improved communications strategy a priority this year.  It brings focus and clarity for your staff, the board, and residents alike. The power to impact, gain attention, and improve resident engagement isn't just broadcasting emails or posting on social media. It's in how and when it's delivered too.

Removing the antagonism, friction, and lack of support you suffer from might free up funds, time, and improve work enjoyment. And you might keep your staff and residents happy. 


ManageCasa ™offers excellent communications tools from the tenant's portals to survey tools and publishing tools, along with digital voting capabilities.  And our HOA payments system makes it easy for residents to pay and know that their dues, fees or fines were received on time.

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