14 Ways to Fight Incoming Rent Controls

May 02, 2022

High Rent Price are Persistent What comes after a period of steep rent price rises? Housing crash, building boom, or perhaps rent controls? Economists are suggesting these high rent prices are going to persist for some time. Last August, in a CNBC report, Peter Boockvar, CIO of Global Advisors said “Rental increases, which is the…

  • Rent Prices

    April 15, 2022

    Outlook for Rent Prices Rent is rising in 2022, faster than it did in 2021. That shouldn't be a surprise that so far this year national rents have risen 2.5% vs 1.9% in 2021 during the first 3 months. However the rate of growth in the past month could send shockwaves into communities if they…

  • Single Family Rental Property Management

    March 30, 2022

    Managing Single Family Rentals Economic and demographic changes have really juiced up demand for single family rental housing (SFR) and it's spawning excellent business opportunities for investors and property management firms. Back in 2014, many investors and managers were wondering about the wisdom of adding single family houses to their property mix. Today, they're reaping…

  • The US Rental Property Market Outlook

    January 17, 2022

    Rental Property Market Forecast The US rental property market is growing in size, funding, and investment opportunity.  Growth in investment and in new rental property portfolios will drive demand for property management companies and new software technology. Enjoy further insights in this State of the Rental Market Report for 2022 which includes stats, projections and…

  • How To Increase Rental Property Yields

    January 11, 2022

    13 Ways to Grow Property Revenue As we enter the new year, finally relieved of the Covid pandemic recession, are you ready to make your properties profitable again? With government tax changes, eviction laws, and unemployment issues, landlords have a lot to deal with. If you're so busy that you haven't reviewed your rent yields…

  • Property Management Careers

    January 09, 2022

    Job Opportunities in Property Management The 2022/2023 economic rebound will power the rental property sector and generate sizable demand for trained, certified professionals who will manage large portfolios, large budgets, and will need to staff their own firms. An unaffordable housing market, with low housing supply combined with rising employment and wages, along with people…

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