Buy vs Rent Home | The Rent vs Buy Decision

October 01, 2023

Buy vs Rent a Home? Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Australian renters still hear the same sage advice, "why are you renting? You're throwing all your money away, you should be buying." But it's been a long time since buying a home was a better choice to renting.  And now in fall of 2023, renting is…

  • California Housing Market Report

    September 23, 2023

    Housing Market California The California Association of Realtors has forecast a significant increase in home sales next year of 22.9% to 327,100 units. And they predict a home price growth of 6.2% in 2024 to $860,300. They believe the severity of the housing shortage will push prices up.  However, mortgage rates might fall a little…

  • Overdue Rent - Getting Tenants to Pay

    September 15, 2023

    How to Get Renters to Pay Rent With inflation, emergency costs, and other issues that tenants might experience, it's inevitable a rent payment will be delayed or missed. If your tenant doesn't contact you or take your calls, it might be they're embarrassed or mentally unable/hopeless to face their situation. It's not always a case…

  • NARPM Sacramento Property Management Expo 2023

    NARPM Sacramento Property Management Expo 2023 NARPM's Sacramento Event This coming Friday, the Sacramento Area Chapter of NARPM will present its annual one-day educational conference and trade show for residential property pros who provide maintenance and administrative support. It's a fun get-together with people from your industry experiencing all the highs and lows you have.…

  • Property Management Conferences and Expos 2023

    Property Management Conferences, Trade Shows & Expos Fun to Attend and Well Worth It! Property management conferences offer us an interesting mix of experiences. We'd like to introduce the key events and give you a little pep talk, so you don't deny yourself what can be an important experience for you and your business. See…

  • HOA Management Software

    August 28, 2023

    HOA Management Software As an HOA manager in 2023, you may be looking for some magic management solutions. Modern HOA Management software is almost that. Review your challenges in 2023 (see below). You're contending with rising maintenance, energy and materials costs, staffing shortages, resistant members, environmental/building regulations, communication issues, rising insurance premiums, vandalism/crime, and more.…

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