The US Rental Property Market Outlook

January 17, 2022

Rental Property Stats and Outlook The US rental property market is growing in size, funding, and investment opportunity, yet unfortunately for renters, supply is not keeping pace with growing demand. Enjoy further insights in this state of the rental market report for 2022 which includes stats and forecasts from major data sources and experts. Is…

  • Tax Strategy for Landlords

    January 14, 2022

    Reduce Your Rental Property Income Taxes We're nearing the 2022 tax season and tax management strategy is the hot topic. For many landlords, it's a burden and you might need a little pep talk to get you into the right frame of mind. While finding ways to reduce your 2021 rental property tax pain will…

  • California Housing Market Report & Predictions

    January 10, 2022

    California Housing Market There's little stopping the California market from staying hot in December. Although house prices in the Golden State simmers of late, condo prices are soaring. With inventory and new listings plummeting, we have to believe prices can only go up when the economy returns full tilt after the Omicron slow down. December's…

  • Property Maintenance Management

    January 08, 2022

    Winter Property Maintenance Tips The winter season is a magical time for many renters, unless their heating costs rise, hazards appear and they must call you for help.  And some of those emergency calls are your worst losses. Those big losses are avoidable with some inspection and good communication routines with renters.  There's lots more…

  • HOA Management Software

    January 02, 2022

    Home Owners and Community Management Software Whether you're on the board of a community housing association or operate an HOA management company, you have the challenge of serving a community of demanding homeowners. Using your skill, experience, and team to respond and resolve issues quickly is amazing. Yet leveraging the power of a modern HOA …

  • Property Management Companies in California

    December 06, 2021

    Find A Great Property Manager in California December and January bring up the matter of budgeting for property management services.  With costs rising and service gaps so common, there is a need to consider hiring a new firm. If you examine the criteria for reviewing and selecting a California property management company  you'll need to…

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