Switching your AMS is Easy!

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Make Switching to a New AMS a Breeze!

Choosing a new association management system or AMS can be a lot less stressful if you prioritize your needs now and for the future.

And we're listing 7 of your top priorities for your review. It's wise to ensure these 7 are prioritized, and then progress to other gaps and weaknesses in your current association software to ensure you have them covered.

A new professional grade system offers an ideal way of organizing and doing your association work.

Enabling well informed decisions, good communications, and automating events and transactions is a refreshing change for your board, management staff and residents. The outcome is worth it. Change is good, if it's better.

And if you can scale up your association or your management business and produce insightful, actionable reports to guide better decision making, then your association software becomes a true business asset.


Relax and Immerse Yourself in a Comprehensive Solution

You can probably put away the worry about the transition to a new system given it's been designed to accept your association data and become usable quickly. If you're moving over to ManageCasa™ for instance, you'll be enjoying a complete, comprehensive platform giving you all the high tech tools in a very user-friendly format. And you'll have the support you need to get trained and up and running.

Let's take a quick look at the 7 top features of modern HOA software and the practical work-related needs they resolve:

Feature 1: Automation

Needs Addressed: Automation streamlines the process of collecting dues, managing late payments, and maintaining accurate financial records. It also speeds up communications, ensures consistency, documentation updates, and enables real time reporting.
Benefits: Reduces manual labor, minimizes errors, and ensures timely collections. Financial reports and budgets can be generated quickly, providing transparency and aiding in financial planning.

Feature 2: Communication Apps

Needs Addressed: Enhances clear and responsive communication between board members, residents, and property managers.
Benefits: Includes direct private communications via resident account portal, as well as email blasts, newsletters, and forum discussions. These tools ensure all members are informed about meetings, events, and important notices, fostering a more engaged and informed community.

Feature 3: Financial Management Tools

Needs Addressed: Optimizes financial management, fluid transaction and transparency according to accounting guidelines.
Benefits: Association financial transactions are visible, instantly updating accounting accounts, and ensuring staff and boards are viewing the very latest numbers, delinquencies, and actions taken.

Feature 4: Maintenance and Work Order Management

Needs Addressed: Manages and tracks maintenance requests and work orders.
Benefits: Residents can submit maintenance requests online, and managers can track the status and completion of these requests. This feature improves response times and ensures maintenance issues are addressed efficiently.

Feature 5:  Document Management

Needs Addressed: Organizes and provides easy access to important documents such as bylaws, meeting minutes, and financial reports.
Benefits: Centralized storage allows board members and residents to access necessary documents anytime, reducing the time spent searching for and distributing information.

Feature 6: Violation Tracking and Management

Needs Addressed: Monitors and enforces community rules and regulations.
Benefits: Simplifies the process of documenting violations, notifying residents, and tracking resolution. This helps maintain community standards and reduces conflicts over rule enforcement.

Feature 7:  Scheduling and Event Management

Needs Addressed: Plans and manages community events and facility reservations.
Benefits: Calendars for HOA meetings, community events, and facility bookings (e.g., clubhouse or pool). Residents can view schedules and make reservations online, reducing administrative overhead and improving community engagement.

ManageCasa's Comprehensive Platform Has This All Figured Out

These features collectively enhance the efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness of HOA management, contributing to a well-organized and harmonious community.

When you've established that these 7 must haves are resolved and covered in your prospective association software, it's easier to get the further refinements for a truly perfect and comprehensive solution.

A fully comprehensive HOA association management software platform is the right choice.

ManageCasa™ for instance is in a class by itself in this regard giving you professional level document and financial management support. It brings in much needed automation and impressive functionality and insight via the software dashboard. 

This is where you can view all aspects and alerts regarding accounts, actions taken, and whether further action is needed. You can stay on top of it all and be sure you haven't missed anything.

Residents can see you're on top of your association activities and expectations and it makes them more confident you're a pro.  And the board will enjoy that you're able to help them with their work as well.


Speak with our sales team at 415 800 1245 to get even clearer on how easy it is to switch.

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