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Press Release: RealMail(™) with cutting edge Communication Templates

Newswire Release on 16 Nov, 2023 : ManageCasa™ releases RealMail(™) with cutting edge Communication Templates for ManageCasa Customers.

The newest ManageCasa platform service improvement includes cutting-edge Communication Templates & the New RealMail(™) USPS mailing service. This latest feature gives HOA/CAM managers, landlords and property managers a seamless and efficient way to send letters, forms, and other documents digitally or through traditional paper mail.

The new Communication Templates empower property managers to create standardized, professional, and customizable templates for various communication needs, such as lease agreements, notices, and announcements. This enhances communication consistency and saves valuable time and costs for office staff.

RealMail™ Hybrid Mailing Solution

The RealMail™ USPS Mailing Service takes ManageCasa’s commitment to user-friendly innovation to the next level. Property managers and association managers are able to send physical, paper-based letters, documents, and forms through the United States Postal Service (USPS) directly from the ManageCasa platform.  This can be done in sync with digital mail.

The synergy of these two powerful features gives managers version control of communication templates, to revert changes or copy to a similar template which is then customized and sent to tenants, owners or community members for any required communication. User input variables allow customization; each letter has recipient-specific information that can vary from another recipient’s letter, such as custom addresses, names, or even financial data.

Peter Koch, CEO of ManageCasa™, expressed his enthusiasm for the new functionality, stating, “At ManageCasa, we understand the importance of meeting the diverse needs of property managers in an ever-evolving landscape. Our Communication Templates & RealMail(™) USPS Mailing Service is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that empower property managers to succeed. This feature not only streamlines communication but also ensures that property managers can connect with tenants in the most convenient and effective way possible.

ManageCasa’s Communication Templates & RealMail(™) USPS Mailing Service is available to all users immediately. Property Managers and Community Association Managers looking to enhance their communication processes are encouraged to explore these new features and experience the benefits firsthand.

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Note: Original news release also published on Yahoo Finance, PRNewswire, Morningstar, Benzinga and StreetInsider.

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