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April 09, 2023

Accounting Software that Supports Your Business

Bookkeeping and accounting are two of the most important daily tasks in landlords and property manager’s workday.

Simplifying that routine with smart automation is a must since accounting powers up all other areas of your business. Budget management, cash flow, financial insights and more give property managers greater control of their businesses.

And smart real estate accounting software brings further integration and efficiency to your operations, to help your staff grow confidence, ease daily stress, improve decisions and improve productivity.

To meet challenges today, firms that are scaling up from small to mid-sized must optimize their accounting processes.

We believe accounting optimization and automation should be a foundation of a great property management company.  Any CFO would like that.

While accounting automation efficiency is the key deliverable, what’s achieved is streamlined operations and business integration.  In contrast, popular, off the shelf, add-on accounting software doesn’t bring your operations together.

Manage Your Budget Expertly!

Accounting is that central to everything.  It’s all about operational and financial insights along with efficient transactions which in turn frees up time and makes all of your staff/tenant and business activities more productive.

The integration of online payments and accounting automation is an example of a friction-free business that benefits everyone. And for a busy property management company, this is mission critical.

Managing budgets, and client and tenant’s funds requires responsibility, diligence, care, accuracy — possible via automation. Manual accounting leaves rental property managers, landlords and real estate investors vulnerable to tax losses, trouble with the IRS, certification losses, law suits, extra fees and fines, unexpected losses, and on occasion, lost clients.


6 Keys to Accounting Management Software

These 6 keys will help you improve your property accounting:

  1. automation of recurring transactions (payments, lease-based allocation)
  2. consistency of accounting activity
  3. accuracy of data
  4. visualization and insightful reporting
  5. range of integrated accounting services
  6. comfortable, understandable user interface

Finding the Best Fit for Your Company

Now in 2023, property pros are researching accounting software solutions that deliver more comprehensive services.

Off the shelf products such as Quickbooks, Freshbooks, Soho, Xero, Wave, Sage for example simply don’t possess the property-specific productivity tools, range of services, and account-based coverage required.

The best fit is a rental property-dedicated solution for mid-sized companies.

We’ve discussed SaaS based productivity and work automation, and what you may have realized is that add-on or off-the-shelf accounting software leaves much to be desired.

The lack of integration is one of your top pains. As a mid-sized company with growth in mind, you face challenges to increase efficiency with every new door in rental real estate portfolio.

The integration of accounting into all areas of operations and finance gives the efficiency, insight, and decision-making power needed.

Automation is a Powerful Benefit

Automation makes work disappear while providing benefits you need.

Automate your transactions such as processing payments, paying out epayments to vendors, owners disbursements, utility bills, and make all fees/expenses based on terms in the lease. Eliminate data entry errors, account mix ups, asynchronous timing issues, rework and cut bookkeeping and accounting task loads. Time saved sweetens the bottom line.

This automation capability and the details of integrated services should be your focus as you evaluate your new SaaS-based software platform (everything taken care of for you online).

ManageCasa Property Accounting Platform’s Extensive Benefits:

  • aids in data-driven accounting decision making
  • improves your data collection and reduce errors and time waste
  • improves accounting workflows with smart process automation
  • automate standard accounting processes and work tasks
  • adopt lease-based accounting functionality for automatic and always updated cost attribution
  • make your accountant happy providing reliable reports
  • makes investors/owners happy with informative, updated rent rolls
  • simplify accounting for your staff (they’re not accountants)
  • works with automatic bank payments set up via tenant portal
  • automate bank/account transactions, aiding reconciliation, providing a centralized view of banking activity
  • auto generates accurate 1099 forms
  • do smart scanning of documents to reduce manual workloads
  • record payments and epay without printing and mailing checks
  • uses epayments to send payments anywhere via any device (electronically by retail cash payment, ACH, debit and credit card)
  • manages payables expertly ensuring you’re always ahead of your obligations
  • create customizable reports on owner statements, income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and rent rolls
  • keeps your accounts payable and receivables organized
  • reduces wasted staff time and supports untrained staff to reduce operational inefficiency


Business integration: ManageCasa™ helps you integrate/centralize your accounting, marketing, maintenance, and investor/owner functions on one platform. That makes accounting even more powerful and efficient.


Setting Up: Simple Set Ups on Your New Accounting System

To set up your property accounting system you follow a usual process:

  • choose your preferred accounting method
  • set up your chart of accounts
  • select double-entry bookkeeping
  • set up your reports
  • import your data

ManageCasa™ is the ideal, dedicated, SaaS driven accounting solution for real estate managers. It’s all part of our fundamental value proposition to our customers – to leverage technology for efficiency, performance and profit.

You also have accounting product experts with ManageCasa™ who can help guide you on implementation and optimization.

A Roundup of Property Accounting Benefits via ManageCasa:

  • keeps your financials under control — track your payments, monitor changes, and run reports in real time
  • automates your bookkeeping — to create time to free up time to get your daily workloads completed
  • generates insightful real time reports — on rent roll, lease statements, maintenance activity, expenses, balance sheets and income statements
  • you can view key documents — upcoming bills, cash in the bank, and the statements owners will see
  • avoid errors and limitations of spreadsheet accounting — automate and relax
  • store all your documents, leases, and bills on the cloud — secure and always available

Learn more about all the full accounting features and benefits first hand, and discover how it can help streamline your property accounting.

Schedule a Demo of the Accounting Platform Now.


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