Pet Friendly Apartments

October 24, 2019

Renters Do Love Their Pets One estimate is that there are more 80 million homes in the US which have pets of which 87 million are dogs and 62 million are cats. Whether you like it as a property investor, landlord, or property manager, the era of pets is upon us. With such a strong…

  • 10 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Rental Income Property Revenue

    August 16, 2019

    Maximizing Rental Property Income Congratulations! You're in one of the most exciting areas of business going today -- rental property  management. And it's potentially one of the most profitable. In an era of potentially rent controlled, overpriced single family homes and multifamily apartment markets, how do you ramp up profit?  A lot of the advice you…

  • Landlord & Multifamily Laundry Solutions

    July 31, 2019

    Buy or Rent Washers and Dryers? For landlords and property managers, the demands from tenants for better amenities, services, comfort and security are on the rise. Meeting tenant wants is good for business. Landlord's technical and operational challenges including washers/dryers and other rental appliances are being solved via a high tech, new business model approach.…

  • 8 Ways to Grow Your Rental Property ROI

    May 28, 2019

    Property Owners Want Better ROI With all the new technology, they know they can get it.  It might seem unfair to ask you the property management company to grow ROI, yet their request for more is your opportunity to ask for more from them. There are 8 areas that you have control over and below you'll…

  • How to Be a Great Blogger!

    April 16, 2019

    Blogging for Rental Property Professionals More of your clients and prospects read on the web than you'd imagine. In fact, one survey showed owners/investors learn about opportunities predominantly from surfing the web, more than from their advisors. Reaching them, persuading them, and getting them to take an action could lead to significant revenue and other…

  • Self Managed or Franchised Property Management?

    April 09, 2019

    Are Property Management Franchises the Right Solution? Property management brands such as RPM and PMI offer ready made solutions for those who want to launch their own property management company. But do franchisors really offer a solution you want to be locked into? A ready made business solution might be appealing if you lack experience, contacts,…

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