Expo Real 2022 in Munich

Expo Real Germany - The International Trade Fair for Property We had a great time at Europe's most important real estate event -- EXPO REAL! It's annual event and brought us closer to the Deutsche rental housing scene, and we enjoyed meeting so many pros in the German market. EXPO REAL was a unique and…

  • Property Management Solution

    The Right Platform for Your Business New research shows 100,000 new property management businesses will be launched in the next few years. While most property managers are aware of cloud-based software platforms, new rental business entrepreneurs may not be aware of the full business potential of these new systems. ManageCasa™ as an example, is designed…

  • Hawaii Housing Market

    April 06, 2022

    Hawaii Real Estate Market Hawaii remains one of the world's most rare and attractive housing markets, and as the recovery continues, interest in buying and renting in Hawaii is bound to grow. The persistent trend to remote work will benefit the state although inflation and low numbers of rental units will reduce this cultural trend. …

  • Property Management Books

    January 06, 2022

    Best Property Management Books Who reads books anymore? Only those who really want to know what they're doing and to improve their performance. While your software platform automates and informs, serious property managers can never know enough about rental property investment, and how financial, legal, and performance goals are improved. This is a business and…

  • Best New Business Startups

    January 03, 2022

    Tips for New Business Startups 2023 will present new opportunities for Americans, Canadians, Brits, and Aussies to launch a business. And it will involve new digital technologies. These tech startup opportunities come with names such as HealthTech, FinTech, RentTech and PropTech. It's difficult to envision any startup now that doesn't involve technology, automation, and SaaS…

  • Hawaii Property Management Companies

    December 06, 2021

    Hawaii Property Management Services As you've read in our Hawaii real estate report, demand for investment property is hot. Given Hawaii's tremendous tourism industry, the rise of Airbnb, and a vibrant economy, the demand for vacation, houses and apartment rentals is huge. Property Managers & Good Software Many new Hawaii landlords begin with some good…

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