Tenant Onboarding Guide

March 22, 2022

Onboarding New Tenants This year, given the work from home trend, increased migration, and rising rent prices, tenant churn might be on the rise. It's likely you'll be welcoming new tenants. And you may have your own thoughts and impressions about tenant churn, sometimes good (bad tenants leave), sometimes not so good (losing good tenants).…

  • Proptech Solutions

    Proptech Solutions 2022 Over the years, we've become more familiar with the term Proptech, or the fusion of technology and property management. We'll hear it more and more because it delivers significant financial benefits to property managers. Proptech can include a wide range of digital and device technologies that help property managers do more work,…

  • How to Write a Great Rental Ad

    June 23, 2021

    Write Rental Listing Ads to Attract the Best Tenants Writing listing ads is both an art and science.  Your vacancy ad's wording and placement speaks to specific renter prospects. That persuasive voice with relevant offer helps you attractive higher quality renters. You're taking the process more seriously, and good things are ahead for you as…

  • Mobile Property Management - A Workstyle You'll Like

    July 05, 2020

    Mobile Property Management What's catching fire in property management? It's mobile or virtual property management.  The pandemic changes are forcing property managers to alter their approaches to suit new property portfolios and service alterations. Going mobile with your business means saving a lot of money which is vital in 2020. Yet 2021 will require greater…

  • Landlord Tips

    September 11, 2019

    Top 9 Mistakes New Landlords Make Congratulations on building your property portfolio and we hope you're enjoying growing revenues and profit. There's plenty of perils ahead that can erode profit and make rental property investment unsuccessful. You definitely should be constantly aware of anything that erodes your profit. Then you can focus on the path…

  • Self-Managed Properties

    Should You Manage Your Properties Yourself? Whether through smart investment choices, inheritance, or by some other circumstance, thousands of property owners have become landlords. The revenue is good for some and for others its amazing. While most start out in the property management business with a few houses, duplexes, or apartments and do the work…

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