The Best Way to Pay Rent

February 14, 2024

Which is the Best Way to Pay Rent? It's amazing that tenants would ask about what is the best way to pay rent.  Yet, web stats show they do ask.  Perhaps, it means they're demanding to pay via that better route. Landlords already know which is the best - pay rent online via an automatic…

  • Improving Owner Expectations

    February 01, 2024

    The Power of Managing Landlord Expectations Some might say you can't control the weather or other people's expectations. However, in the world of business clients, it's wise to understand "the weather" and guide expectations.  In the case of a property manager, it's important to manage your client's expectations because that's what's guiding their decision-making. If owners…

  • California Housing Market Report

    January 19, 2024

    Housing Market California Both Realtors, investors, home buyers and renters across California continue to wait in limbo for the 2024 California housing market to unfold.  Is this spring the "inflection point" the media have touted for markets? Is this the year, frustrated buyers will finally have the opportunity to buy, or will rising home prices…

  • Single Family Property Ownership

    January 17, 2024

    Mastering Single-Family Rental Properties Single-family houses remain the gold standard for residential real estate investment. And after a difficult pandemic/high-interest rate period, resale houses are being put back on the market in 2024. The opportunity for SFR is growing. For small landlords, the single-family housing market is the one they're most enthusiastic about. Home values…

  • How to Use Modern Property Management Software

    A Guide to Using Property Management Software Some amazing new property management software platforms are available for landlords, HOA managers, and multifamily property managers to enjoy today. In fact, these new SaaS-based platforms remove a lot of the tough tasks that result in landlords to outsource management to a property management company. With automation and…

  • Your Decision to Move to Modern Software

    When Will You Let Go of Old Ways? Why are so many landlords, association managers and property managers do so well while others see their financial performance weaken? It's almost certain that successful ones have adopted a fantastic digital management system that allows them to streamline all of their work, grow revenues, cut costs, keep…

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