Property Management Trends

December 29, 2023

30 Key Trends for the Property Management Industry in 2024 As you turn your attention ahead to the new year, you might be carrying a large set of legacy business challenges with you. Rent payment delays, falling rent, rising vacancy rates, debt, fewer trained staff and higher wage costs, higher maintenance and financing costs, rent…

  • Launch Your Business into 2024

    Solving 2024's Property Management Challenges Now We're all anticipating a great new year ahead and that landlord businesses will improve and grow more profitable. The new year will herald in a new set of expectations about the market and performance. For HOA management and property management teams, old and new challenges will be there in…

  • Brand & Reputation Protection

    December 01, 2023

    Bolstering your Property Management Brand According to surveys, 70% to 75% renters do look for reviews of a landlord or property on Google or Bing. When they do, they get an eyeful of bad comments and claims. Just check Google News for landlords, property managers, or HOAs, and the reports are unbelievably negative. It could…

  • Late Rent Fees: How to Use Them

    Late Fees: What Should a Landlord Charge? It's inevitable, perhaps in 2024, that some of your tenants will be late paying their monthly rent. Across the US, quite a few renters are behind on their rent payments. "8,070,524 people ages 18 or older in the U.S. aren’t caught up on rent payments. Put another way,…

  • Modular Homes as Rentals

    January 11, 2023

    Are Modular Homes a Great Opportunity for Rental Property Investors? Developers still face a tsunami of resistance to building affordably priced homes. Amidst all the distractions, investors, regulators and buyers aren't seeing perhaps the best solution -- modular built homes. Each spring interest in modular homes rockets (Google Trends). This year, high mortgage rates, labor…

  • How To Increase Rental Property Yields

    December 17, 2022

    13 Ways to Grow Property Revenue With government tax changes, eviction laws, and unemployment issues, landlords have a variety of revenue threats to deal with in 2023. Certainly, raising tenant's rent price isn't the only method to grow rent yields, yet too many landlords resist raising their house or apartment rents.  With inflation and rising…

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