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1-3 Property Units
  • Lease Management
  • Maintenance
  • Tenant Portal & Messaging
  • File Management
  • ... and more.
Available for 1 - 3 units


4+ property units
$75.00 / month /month
  • Customer Marketing Website
  • Lease Management
  • Online Payments
  • Maintenance & Work Orders
  • Full Accounting & Reports
  • Training, Onboarding & Support
  • … and a lot more.
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* Price increase is only $1 per additional unit after 50 units; Data migration for free.

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No minimum portfolio size required, no minimum monthly fee to start.

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Full Service Property Management Software

Free Pro Other Vendors
Multi-Region and Multi-Language
Time-Zone Support
Language Support
- English
- French
- German
- Spanish
Multi-currency support
Full double-entry bookkeeping Pro required some
Property Chart of Accounts some
Customizable Chart of Accounts some
Recurring transactions some
Cash and Accrual based accounting some
Rent Roll Pro required Some
Maintenance Report Some
Lease Statement Some
Expense Report Some
In page Reports Some
Exportable reports to PDF and excel Some
Real-time discussion
One on one or one-to-many discussions
Multi-unit discussions
Maintenance related discussions
Ability to remove users from a discussion at any time
Multi-media support in discussions
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Recommended Services

  • Tenant screening

    Select only the best tenants. Screen applicants with ManageCasa’s recommended service accessible from within our application.

  • Renters Insurance

    Inquire renters insurance from within ManageCasa’s recommended service accessible from within our application.

  • Property related legal documents

    LegalZoom est un service de technologie en ligne qui vous aide à créer une variété de documents juridiques dont vous pourriez avoir besoin lors de la location de vos propriétés. The service is available to residents of the United States and Canada.

  • Homeowner Insurance and more

    Inquire homeowner insurance, earthquake, hurricane and/or flud insurance from within ManageCasa’s recommended service accessible from within our application.

A lot of companies charge more for these. We do not.

  • Subscription for Commercial Properties
  • Subscription for Residential Properties
  • For additional admin users
  • Property Message boards
  • (Deutsch) Mehrfamilienhaus Schwarzes Brett

Pricing FAQs

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  • With the free 3 units subscription you can test out ManageCasa with no time limit but with a limited feature set. When you are ready you can easily upgrade to a paid subscription for more units start at $10/month.
  • Our standard subscription is month-to-month. When you sign up for a yearly subscription, we give you a discount of 2 months of the year, means instead of paying 12 months, you only pay 10 month upfront for the year.' Within the year you can always upgrade or downgrade the amounts of units you subscribed to.
  • As long as they are invited to properties that you have under your account you can add an unlimited number of rental owners and tenants to your account for no extra fee.
  • There isn’t any. It’s as simple as that. :)

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