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How to Create Weekends for Landlords

July 30, 2022

Giving Landlords Their Weekends Back

Weekends are the favorite part of the week for many people. Long weekends are even better, but maybe not for some DIY yourself or part time landlords.

For a long time, we’ve thought of Saturday and Sunday as days to recharge, thus they were almost seen as time off to get ready for the next work week. That has changed. Weekends are a brief but essential time for relaxation, rejuvenation, socializing and personal growth. Not having weekend time is a serious challenge to landlord’s health and success.

Rental property landlords are people too and the last two years have left many burnt out, and not functioning at the highest levels. And on weekends, it’s painting, repairs, landscaping, and more because it seems the easiest time. But that’s not treating our time with respect.

“I had a conversation with a coworker earlier who has been in industry 10+ years. She is burnt out, my other coworker is burnt out. I’ve been in the industry for just shy of a year & I am burnt out. How does everyone else feel? Is it our company? Is it just us? Does it get better or is it just COVID? I do love what I do, sometimes. I feel like I am killing myself for these people” — from Facebook Group post.

Anyone else exhausted from being treated horribly by their residents? We get screamed at at least once a day. Recently our residents have turned to google to rate the management staff calling us lazy and whatever other name they feel like calling us. The most recent review was how awful we are because we didn’t smile at her in the parking lot at the end of the day”from Facebook Group post.

Yes, for some landlords and property managers, a good sound, rested state of mind is needed today.

The Rewards for Recapturing Weekends

Regaining weekends is possible if landlords automate their operations and ensure projects are completed during the week.  The principle is that the landlord’s health and quality of life are important.

The reward of using weekend’s wisely is better health and better on the job performance. Research shows relaxation is powerful. As a person’s muscles relax, blood pressure drops, heart rate slows, immunity improves, and sleep improves. The key benefit is an improvement in brain chemistry (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins) where the brain is replenished and regains important decision making functions.

A day at the beach.

A day at the beach. Screenshot courtesy of Unsplash.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – old proverb


Our first task here is to recognize the harm of overwork and 7 day work weeks, or losing our free time.

The toll of 7 day work week:

  • fatigue, exhaustion, moodiness, health problems
  • inability to socialize, enjoy others, and participate
  • obesity, lack of exercise
  • low work quality, tenant relations issues
  • lethargy, lack of innovation in new services

That’s the way it was, and now we’re all taking back our health and happiness.  2022 is the year we’re taking control of workloads and protecting our precious weekend free time.


Weekends are special, like a brief, two day vacation and many try to pack in as much excitement and relaxation as possible.  Whatever our needs are, we can regain our mental health on those two glorious days.


Golfing weekend.

Golfing weekend. Screenshot courtesy of Unsplash.


Fatigue Translates to Poor Decision Making

Fatigue and mental exhaustion lead to poor decision making and low quality work.  As an example, just as profitability soars in rental investment, some DIY landlords might be thinking of selling their properties to a large investor. Investment corporations are accounting for more sales on the housing market this year.

The repercussions for landlord/manager decision making shouldn’t be missed.

Catching a pro sports game in the city.

Catching a pro sports game in the city. Screenshot courtesy of Unsplash.

Alternatively, you can hire a property management company near you who do leverage work efficiencies and protect their weekends.  Landlords should take cues from other service companies.

Of course, streamlining business with new property management tools can help open up time for a great weekend.  First course of creating free time is via operations efficiency. Landlords should be using ManageCasa.

You can bet corporate rental real estate investors will keep their weekends. So should small to medium-sized landlords. We think you might need a reminder of the wonderful things you could do as a motivator.

Relaxing riverboat tours.

Relaxing riverboat tours. Screenshot courtesy of Unsplash.

What’s so Nice about Having a Weekend?

  • time to relax with no pressing issues and overdue tasks to perform
  • time to sleep in and get a long night’s sleep, good for restoring brain chemistry
  • time to read, build a puzzle, or sitting on your deck doing nothing
  • time to go for a walk, explore a nature park, the zoo or take a boat tour
  • time to workout, play golf, go hiking or mountain biking, kayaking or fishing
  • time to explore the local countryside and visit cottage country vendors/artists
  • time for camping, a long drive into the country, going to the beach, or a long weekend vacation to a neighboring state
  • time to enjoy a hobby or have a backyard barbecue
  • time to spend visiting family or taking kids to a playground or amusement park
  • time to attend a music concert, sports event

The point of the weekend is that you’re doing something different from your routine. This gives your mind a break, helps balance and replenish your brain chemistry.  You have the right to be good to yourself, improve your lifestyle, and ensure you have a profitable, sustainable business for years to come.

Best Ways to Treat Your Weekend Right

  • unplug from social media
  • don’t drink alcohol excessively
  • plan a short trip to remove yourself physically from your workplace
  • arrange a social get together such as a pool party
  • go for a walk in the early morning and get some exercise

With a fresh outlook,  you can improve morale in your team and enjoy better relations with happy contented tenants.  If you’re concerned about profits, long term, your profitability will improve when you keep yourself fit emotionally and mentally. Take that vacation too!


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