Lease and tenant management made easy

See how ManageCasa makes it easy to manage tenants and leases.

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  • Rent payments on time

    Payment integration in renter portals allows tenants to easily pay rent online.

  • Breathe easy

    8 out of 10 customers say makes tenant communication easier.

  • Go paperless

    83% have improved their lease and tenant management with ManageCasa.

“Move-in and engaging with tenants has become so easy with ManageCasa.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc
“My productivity has increased dramatically since I started using ManageCasa and my tenants are also happier.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc
“Only now I can have tenant communication, paperless documents and bookkeeping in one tool.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc

An easier way to simplify communication and reduce delinquencies

  • Move in is a breeze

    Move in renters faster and more efficiently and give them their own residential portal.

    Quickly associate tenants with each of your properties under management. Tenants will get their own unique portal on ManageCasa.

  • Set lease terms fast

    The time spent to set lease terms are in the minutes.

  • Make rent payment a blast

    Your tenant get notified that leads them to pay rent on time.

  • Communicate to the subject

    Easily discuss anything context-based with your tenant and get it out of the way quickly.

What we offer you:

A modern approach to tenant management

With innovative technology we make it create leases, notifies about open tasks and allows tenants to pay rent on time:
  • International
  • Fully responsive Owner Portal (web and mobile)
  • User friendly
  • Lease Details
  • Rent payment online
  • Streamlined Maintenance requests
  • Real-time discussion & communication
  • Upload lease document and share with tenant easily
  • Renter Portal

    The renters get lifetime accounts to access to pay rent, see their rent payment history and their lease agreement, and can update their own contact information - which means you deal with fewer questions.

  • Lease Terms

    Your lease terms integrates with your accounting on ManageCasa to automatically create rent invoices to your tenant and allows you to reconcile rent income easily

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  • Maintenance

    With ManageCasa you can have tenants submit maintenance requests and streamline your maintenance process with easy discussions of all parties involved plus work orders associated to maintenance tickets.

  • Discussion

    Once you onboarded your tenants & rental owners communication between members around a property or property unit becomes easy and more effective.

  • Payment History
  • Discussion

What sets us apart:

  • Rent payments on time

    Tenant will receive rent invoice and can easily pay his rent on time, online.

  • Breathe easy

    Share important updates and information with tenants across an entire multi-unit building or one-on-one.

  • Go paperless

    Move in tenants faster, digitize lease terms and automate your lease engagement with ManageCasa.

Say goodbye to the old-school methods of tenant management:

  • Meeting at a coffee shop to sign a lease agreement
  • Late night phone calls to discuss a broken shower or other calamity
  • Excel spreadsheets reminding you of when rent is due on unit 528E
  • A massive file cabinet to store all your lease agreements

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