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Run a Property Management Business on any Device

May 17, 2023

Manage Your Rental Property Business with Any Device?

Ah, the dream of running a successful, profitable business all from your favorite smart device! For many business people it’s a wonderful thought.

That vision isn’t about electronic devices though. It’s about simplicity, accomplishment and work reduction, which leads us into an exciting new way of doing business.

Like most landlords, you want a simpler day, free of repetitive issues, problems and tasks. A mobile workstyle may introduce you to an ideal path of efficiency and easier management.


Going mobile is a business strategy which may open the door to a more profitable future for your company.


Tenants, Owners, Contractors Prefer Mobile

Landlords, property managers and community associations all benefit from increased virtualization and mobile management tools.  Your tenants, staff and maintenance contractors also prefer using their mobile phones today. They’re out actively engaged, and not sitting in an office using a desktop computer. They like the responsiveness, access and speed of service via mobile.

These and more reasons tell us why businesses must go mobile.  And for landlords/property managers, ManageCasa™ will be the perfect foundation for mobile property management.


“Yes, absolutely, you can do it,” said Sinan Eren, enterprise mobility expert and vice president of Barracuda. “Actually, you can especially run a small/midsize business with mobile apps much more effectively than over legacy desktop software. … Contract drafting, payment processing, all the way to e-signature apps are the mainstay of scaling an SMB business.” — from post; Can You Run a Business via a Smartphone? by Sean Peak.

Already There and Doing That

Many landlords already run their rental property businesses virtually via a laptop and they ponder how a smartphone or tablet might help them build efficiency and open up new revenue streams. And that last point is the key benefit of the future.

The whole premise of using mobile devices for property management revolves around the role of business and work automation. Using automation technology and letting it do work for you is the real goal.

It’s a new business model and leads into the realm of value added services with new revenue streams (topic for another post on technology as an amenity).

Is this a Way Out of the Data Entry Problem?

Data entry isn’t such fun on a smartphone or tablet.  However, limited input and transactions can be accomplished without too much pain (when you must make them out in the field). Photos can be taken of documents, checks, and parts numbers, barcodes scanned, and voice-based notes can be taken for later manual entry into ManageCasa.

With your mobile device in hand, you’re ready get work accomplished wherever you are 24×7.

ManageCasa’s Support Team is Excellent and vital for companies with more than 100 properties.

Real Business Benefits of Mobile Management

Years ago, I wrote a post on virtual property management, perhaps a bit ahead of its time, yet the business world is going mobile at a faster pace. The threat of obsolescence for some companies is real.

That article posed 5 big benefits of virtualization:

  1. increased automation of accounting, banking, maintenance tickets, and tenant communications
  2. getting face to face in client’s offices or buildings and visiting tenants at their rental units
  3. enjoying visits to projects or properties for manual inspections and collecting rent
  4. improved responsiveness, and more active involvement in generating new business
  5.  better engagement in your work for better work satisfaction

Get Full Functionality on the Road

Property management apps lack full capabilities which is why a complete platform is necessary. And an app isn’t suitable for all work.  You’ll enjoy accessing key services via our app, and also full capabilities on your smartphone via the web-based interface. You’ll be doing:

  • accounting transactions
  • rent payment processing
  • mobile property inspections
  • overseeing maintenance
  • photo taking and listing and advertising your vacancy fast
  • helping tenants wherever you are in real time

HOA and Community Association managers too need to be out on the road frequently for inspections or checking for regulations violations. Smartphones are oh so handy!

Get Things Done Away from the Office

You can run your business using most Android or Apple devices. The ManageCasa™ mobile app has its security and functionality advantages for quick, common accounting, leasing, and communication tasks. Of course, the website platform is available via your mobile device, 24×7 for performing the more detailed tasks.

If you can’t conduct a specific task via our smartphone app, you can always get your laptop out and do the data entry task or management function in your vehicle, then return to your field work.

So there you are, you can run your business virtually via any device. You can stop dreaming. It’s ready for you.

Your Future Awaits

Now if you can run your business via an Apple Watch, you have taken it to another level entirely. We would have to devote a blog post just in your honor!

Please do let us know about your integration of mobile management tools and how they’ve improved the way you do property management.


Check out ManageCasa’s full suite of streamlined property management tools and the mobile app too.

Having issues managing well? Download our Property Management Guide.


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