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  • Keep Owners happy

    9 out of 10 owners say with ManageCasa they get what they need

    Source: 2018 TechValidate survey of more than 500 ManageCasa customers

  • Get it right

    9 out of 10 owners say with ManageCasa they get what they need

  • Find your zen

    Customers spend 75 % less time on interacting with owners before they used ManageCasa.

“I know I do not have to worry about renter collection, recurring transactions, reports, and other tasks that I might forget if I did not have ManageCasa.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc
“I save a lot of time by giving my rental owners access to their own Portal to get updates about financials.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc
“Owner statements, income statements and more are available in real-time without me having to do anything.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc

The easiest way to gain and retain owners

  • Setup is a snap

    We explain things in English - not in IT terms. No PhD required.

  • Provide Insights in Real-time

    Reports instantly, and immediate discussions when needed.

  • Make rent distribution a celebration

    Your owners will get emails with links to their revenue.

    Bonus: ManageCasa automatically creates rent invoices and records it in accounting on behalf of the owner.

  • Put your feet up

    You can also create bills, record recurring bills for owners properties, share owner statement in real-time.

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What we offer you:

Awesome Owner Portal

It’s all online and easy accessible by your rental owner able to access:

  • International
  • Fully responsive Owner Portal (web and mobile)
  • User friendly
  • Real-time data
  • Owner Statement
  • Owner distribution & contributions
  • Online Maintenance Management views
  • Real-time discussion & communication
  • Real-time performance and finance updates
  • Upload property document and sharing
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Owner Self-service

Your rental owners get lifetime accounts to access their property history and reports. They can update their own information - which means you deal with fewer questions and less paperwork.

Accounting and reporting

Run your rental owners entire property bookkeeping and accounting and provide real time reports and financial performance.


Maintenance requests can be reviewed by the rental owner and work orders can be easily shared and discussed.

Document storage and sharing

You can share required documents with rental owners easily from the convenience of your mobile or desktop.

Property History
Drag and Drop files

What sets us apart:

  • Keep Owners happy

    ManageCasa’s owner portal provides owners statements, financial updates in real-time.

  • Get it right

    We are here to help. Whether you call or chat with us, you’ll be speaking to one of our friendly, experienced reps in our San Francisco offices.

  • Find your zen

    We provide you tools to make you share information and manage the rental owner for your owners smarter. We make it easy to share enough information to your owner that follow ups will be reduced to a minimum.

Say goodbye to the old-school methods of owner management:

  • Stressful number-crunching every month to deliver reports on time
  • Difficulty providing true transparency to owners
  • Constant availability by personal phone number and email
  • A massive file cabinet to store all your financial documents and reports

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