Share insights with owners effortlessly

Owner Portal

Give property owners the access they desire - share all activities, reports documents and insights on web or mobile. Send and receive funds and message within the application, reducing phone calls and emails.

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Using ManageCasa
Payments and Reports

Share financial reports and transactions in real time

Offer owners access to powerful analytics and reports like owner statements, income statements, balance sheets and more, available from any device. Make contributions and draws, and show transactions recorded on behalf of the property.

Files & Documents

Share Property Documents

Attach invoices, pay receipts, upload digital copies of leases and other property-related documents to the Dropbox-style document sharing system so property owners can access them anytime from their portal.


Streamline owner communication

Use our in-app messaging system to discuss shared files, maintenance issues or directly message owners at any time from anywhere.  The days of old style emails are over. Put the conversation where it belongs with ManageCasa.

“We use ManageCasa's Owner Portal to streamline owner communication. We’re a small team, but ManageCasa helps us to stay efficient how we engage with our clients , share reports and make owner draws."
Erica Schuster Property Manager

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