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Online eLeases

Online eLeases takes the lease documents into the application and allows to create, counter sign and store all within ManageCasa.

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Using ManageCasa

Customizable Online Lease Agreements

Online leases make signing a breeze

Upload, Edit and customize your own lease agreement within ManageCasa that you can have applicant e-sign so that you have never to download and scan any documents anymore.

Lease Agreement templates

Save time by using your re-usable template online

Create, edit and re-use your online lease agreement template for all your leases you enter with existing and new tenants. Templates will apply fields automatically from terms so that names, rent amount, rent due dates, and other terms are applied to the form automatically.

Store in the cloud

Keep editing drafted leases in the cloud

As you are still finalizing lease details before sending it to a new tenant or renew a lease with an existing tenant, keep editing and keep the draft in ManageCasa so that you keep track before you send for signature.

Legally binding e-signature

DocuSign signatures in ManageCasa

Once you share your lease agreement with applicants or existing tenants that renew, you can collect eSignatures for every lease and any addendum from within ManageCasa. You can have them sign right on the spot or they can sign at their convenience on their device.

“With the ability to monitor both my property finances and my company finances within ManageCasa, for the first time I can track all transactions in one single tool and have profound insights into all of my financials.”
Erica Schuster Property Manager

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