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See how ManageCasa removes paperwork, improve collaboration and resolve issues quickly.

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  • Get properties back in order

    On average, the amount of time spent to organize a repair reduces by 80 % and keeps maintenances happy.

  • Maintain great rental units

    Self-service reporting by maintenances, and quick and organized tracing of work orders keeps rentals in shape.

  • How to get it right

    71 % of maintenances are more confident their issues are getting resolved with their ability to discuss it using ManageCasa.

“Since managing my maintenance issues and work orders through ManageCasa, my properties are in a much better shape.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc.
“My tenants can simple send maintenance requests including images and a description to me via ManageCasa at any time, even during the night.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc.
“I can create work orders associated to a maintenance ticket and it becomes an invoice that I can pay right from within ManageCasa.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc.

It starts with a great property and ends with a great maintained property

  • Maintain units your tenants will love

    Once you and your maintenance are up and running it is easy to share maintenance issues, discuss and resolve quickly.

  • Your handymen at hand

    Easily assign tickets to your favorite Service Pro and discuss possible work orders to decide how to best go about it.

  • Repairs resolved

    Create work orders within maintenance tickets and keep the process tracked and later turn into a bill.

  • Put your feet up

    Translate work orders into bills and pay them from within your accounting tool.

Keep your assets in shape!

  • Manage Maintenance tickets

    Tenants, Rental Owners, you and your employees, all can submit maintenance tickets, share images and discuss the issue.

  • Schedule recurring maintenance

    Recurring maintenance issues schedule recurring and notify your tenants, remind your service pro and translate every work order into a bill.

  • Discuss and collaborate on issues

    We automatically open a thread to every maintenance tickets for all members associated to the ticket to collaborate, since there are always more information that need to be discussed that fits into a form.

  • Pay your Service Pro

    Work orders are integrated with accounting. You can easily pay vendors bills and expenses from within ManageCasa.

  • Maintenance Tickets
  • Contractors' Details

What sets us apart:

  • Get Properties back in order

    Solve maintenance tickets before they get costly. Your maintenances will love having information about the status of the issue at their fingertips.

  • Maintain great rental units

    ManageCasa wants you to care about your properties and helps you with our best in class technology to manage everything right.

  • How to get it right

    We built a powerful discussion interface that allows you not only in maintenance but across all issues that need to be discussed. We know that communicating is key in resolving issues quickly. ManageCasa will empower you with the right tools.

Say goodbye to the old-school methods of property maintenance:

  • After-hours phone calls with irritated tenants
  • In-person property visits to determine the severity of issues
  • Off-the-books payments to service pros making accounting a chore
  • Lack of accountability when things go wrong

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