ManageCasa’s Property Management Operations 101 Handbook

Property Management Operations 101 is a Handbook written to be a best-practice guide for the modern property manager.

If you are looking for a hands-on guide to explain fundamental processes in property management, this handbook will provide you with the tools and information necessary to become a better operational Property Manager.

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    Table of Contents

    • Introduction

    • 1

      Part One: Understanding basic property management

        1. 1.1 Property Manager Skills
        1. 1.2 How to build a Successful Team
        1. 1.3 Office and Staff Management
    • 2

      Part Two: Leasing Process

        1. 2.1 Application/Tenant Screening Criteria
        1. 2.2 Marketing
        1. 2.3 Applicant Screening and Verification
        1. 2.4 Move-in Process
    • 3

      Part Three: Operational Responsibility

        1. 3.1 Rent Collection
        1. 3.2 Security Deposit
        1. 3.3 Other Charges
        1. 3.4 Changing the Terms of Tenancy
        1. 3.5 Notice Procedures
        1. 3.6 Lease Enforcement and Eviction
        1. 3.7 Move-out Process
    • 4

      Part Four: Maintenance and Inspection

        1. 4.1 Maintenance Goals and Objectives
        1. 4.2 Types of Maintenance
        1. 4.3 Type of Maintenance Work Orders
        1. 4.4 Types of Inspections
        1. 4.5 Purchase Orders
        1. 4.6 Supplies Inventory
        1. 4.7 Vendor Relations
    • 5

      Part Five: Building Safety and Security

        1. 5.1 General Inspections and Observations
        1. 5.2 Fire Prevention and Safety
        1. 5.3 Emergency Response and Procedures
        1. 5.4 Incident Report
        1. 5.5 Employee Safety
    • 6

      Part Six: Financial Management

        1. 6.1 Goals and Expectations: Revenue
        1. 6.2 Goals and Expectations: Expenses
        1. 6.3 Operating Budget
        1. 6.4 Capital Budget
        1. 6.5 Reports
    • 7

      Part Seven: Tenant Relations

        1. 7.1 Communication / Customer Service
        1. 7.2 Resident Handbook
    • Conclusion

    Questions the Handbook Answers

    • Property Management

      You may be wondering how to kickstart and build your career in property management.. In this handbook, we share our years of industry experience so you can learn the best practices required to build a successful property management team and business. We also describe in detail the professional characteristics that ensure a property manager will be successful.
    • Leasing Process

      Leasing is more than just moving people into a new home. As a professional property manager, you must understand a thorough process that encompasses applications, verifications, financial negotiations, as well as facilitation of the physical move-in. Marketing also plays an essential role in successful leasing. We will teach you how to prevent fair housing pitfalls.
    • Operational Responsibility

      Whether you manage a single home or a portfolio of properties, you can always assume a heavy load of operational duties on a daily basis. In this handbook, you will learn how to manage your daily operations ranging from rent collection, administration, lease enforcement, to conflict resolutions with tenants.
    • Maintenance and Inspection

      You can be a successful property manager without having in-depth knowledge or prior experience in maintenance. All you need is to build up an organized system which helps you track work orders, purchase orders, inventories, and set preventative maintenance goals and objectives for your property. We show you how to best organize your maintenance workflow up front to avoid unnecessary hassles down the road.
    • Building Safety and Security

      Safety first. It’s always critical to establish safety standards and protocol for both the building and your employees. Follow our suggestions to implement safety policies and procedures for the building and workplace.
    • Financial Management

      Setting a realistic budget for your property enterprise is a must -- yet few have the foresight and experience to set useful financial expectations. . Do you really know how revenue and expenses affect your bottom line? We will go through line by line with you so that you can set realistic short-term and long-term financial goals.
    • Tenant Relations

      Customer service matters no less in property management than in any other industry. Have you thought about how to build and retain relationships with your tenants and vendors? We will give you the training you need to create a resident handbook that communicates effectively with all of the different stakeholders you interact with..

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