Property Documents Done Right

No property management goes without documents. See how easy you can store, share and access all your property related documents like, insurance policies, lease agreements and other files.

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  • No more grey hair

    On average, 9 out of 10 customers believe that their files are better organized on ManageCasa.

  • Find what you need

    4 out of 5 customers find their files quicker then before.

  • Share with ease

    85% of customers find it easier to share documents with other members around properties.

“Before using ManageCasa I had entire file cabinets to get my property related documents organized. Now everything is easy accessible from everywhere.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc.
“Sharing documents makes it easy for me to see who has access to which document.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc.
“I really like how documents are tagged with properties, lease management, accounting, maintenance and other components, so I know where each document belongs to.”
Karen Brooks
Keeth Property Inc.

Store and organize all property documents securely in the cloud

  • Drag & Drop

    Quickly upload every property related document and agreement. Enjoy a Dropbox style file storage system along with your property management tool.

  • Relax!

    Easily find what you need, when you need it. In average customers save 10 minutes by using ManageCasa’s file storage system.

  • These days, sharing is expected

    It never has been easier to share documents with filestorages or rental owners. Enjoy the power of true cloud sharing capabilities.

  • Feel that it’s safe

    Your documents are secure with ManageCasa’s high-quality encryption technology accessible to you only.

That’s document storage for the modern property manager

It’s time to shift away from paper folders in your office to an entirely paperless office where all documents are simply stored online. Because files in ManageCasa is integrated with Properties, Contacts, Leases, Accounting and Maintenance, it’s so much easier to get organized and find documents when you need them.

  • A Dropbox-type storage system, just for your property files

    Enjoy a secure, easy-to-use platform with powerful organizational capabilities, allowing you to have files associated with integrated services. Create additional folders to store any property document in any way you like, archive them and find them easily.

  • Cross-platform automation

    Save time by uploading documents that will auto-populate information in other parts of the application. For example, uploading a property’s lease terms will automatically set basic accounting information for it.

  • Share securely with others

    Either through automated or manual sharing, you can assign view-only or edit rights to files and revoke them at any time.

  • Files
  • Cross platform automation
  • File permissions

What sets us apart:

  • No more grey hair

    You have enough to do. Archiving and organizing documents is a waste of productivity. File and document management is streamlined under one roof. (in the cloud).

  • Find what you need

    Just because you are managing properties doesn’t mean you want to spend your time in the office. With ManageCasa you will find your documents at any time in every location with every device.

  • Share with ease

    You manage your properties, we give you the tools you need. No more emails with attached files. Sharing in the cloud makes you stand out of the crowd.

  • Top-notch security

    We take privacy and security seriously. Our storage system is encrypted with 3DES and is encrypted in the cloud so that only those granted permission will have access to your files.

Say goodbye to the old-school methods of document storage:

  • Searching through stacks of papers for the file you need
  • Keeping track of lease information manually
  • Lack of security for tenants’ personal information
  • Losing critical information!

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