Marinas are managed more efficiently on ManageCasa

With ManageCasa you can manage the entire operational life-cycle of your marina in one intuitive all-in-one Marina property management software.

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Using ManageCasa

Features built specifically for Marina Property Management

With ManageCasa’s mobile-friendly, intuitive, interactive and automated all-in-one property management software, property managers can more efficiently manage and operate Marinas. Stay efficient with a tool that has been developed with Marina property management needs in mind.

  • Marinas (with dry and wet slips)

    Efficiently managing Marina slips requires a software that keeps things organized and transparent. Reduce your workload and make strides towards a more efficient business operation.

  • Get Up and Running in No Time

    Instantly create profiles for your marina slips or migrate in no time from another system. Our intuitive application will be very easy for you to begin using. No need to read a manual!

  • Market Vacant Slips

    Post vacant slips on your website and send your listings to a selective list of marketplaces to reach new boat owners.

  • Online Lease Management

    Create leases online and allow them to be quickly eSigned. Automate lease management using our SMART eLease Features.

  • Tenant Portal

    Give your renters online access to their tenant portal so that they can view and manage their account.

  • Online Rent Payments

    Reduce the time spent handling paper checks and credit cards, doing manual data entry and reconciling rent payments.

  • Automated Late Fees

    Don’t worry about calculating what late fees to charge, ManageCasa allows you to automate this to save time.

  • Simplify Maintenance Tasks

    Use the mobile-friendly application to take photos on the spot and create maintenance tickets, assign work orders to your tech staff, collaborate on issues and track their progress.

  • Accounting

    Run your entire accounting operation on one tool made specifically for marina property managers and never lose access to all your financial data in real time.

  • Access Tenant Details

    Filter down to individual tenant leases, unit details and lease ledgers to get full access to all financial data at a granular level: tenant by tenant, slip by slip.

  • Track & Resolve Violations

    Record, track, manage and report violations and communicate effectively with boat owners to get them resolved.

  • In-app Communication and File Sharing

    Share and interact with tenants and owners through the app and keep Communication and documents where they belong. Retain more business through more professional communication.

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“ManageCasa’s intuitive marina property management software was set up in no time. I can give all the boat owners who rent from me access to their own portal to make rent payments, we can communicate in the app and I get notified of any violations. Overall it allows us to stay a lot more engaged and transparent. On top of that, our team is running our marina in the cloud a lot more efficiently with all the built-in bookkeeping and reporting tools as well.”
Erica Schuster Landlord

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