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Woodland at Gilberts

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Company Name:

Woodland at Gilberts


Gilbert, Illinois
United States

Year Established:


Units Managed:

80 property units

User Type:

Community Association

Favorite Features:

Owner PortalAccounting and Financial ReportsePayment for dues collectionMaintenance RequestsWebsite BuilderCommunicationFile Management

Challenge Overview

  • Needed to collect dues from owners in a timely and organized fashion
  • Sought a solution that would facilitate growth by keeping data and communications easily accessible. Required automated accounting and reports. Due to the voluntary nature of the board, they were looking for an easy-to-use solution to keep their financial information and communication in one efficient tool since they are managing the HOA after hours.



Woodland Meadows is utilizing the entire ManageCasa Base Plan for Community Associations as well as the Website add-on that allows owners to visit the website to access the owner portal. They are creating community announcements via the portal and sharing them on their website.


Key Outcome

By partnering with ManageCasa, Woodland Meadows of Gilberts was able to manage the operations of running a homeowners association in one easy system.

Before joining ManageCasa, Woodland was running all of its operations manually, including collecting owner dues, communicating with members, and running architectural reviews. By bringing all of these processes under one digital platform, they can now run their operations much more efficiently.

HOA dues are now paid and collected through the system. The board is able to communicate with all of their homeowners to update them about changes to rules or events. ManageCasa has allowed for the Meadows HOA to move from using labor-intensive, disparate systems to having everything they need in one easy-to-use system.

From Zero to 100!

With ManageCasa, Woodland is building a community that strives to make Gilberts a great place to live. The features embedded in ManageCasa allow the board to continue to focus on improving the community and not be bogged down with manual tasks.

Woodland HOA of Gilberts has begun running smoothly and quickly. By implementing ManageCasa, they have been able to substantially reduce the amount of time that the board has had to spend doing repetitive work.

When the Woodland board decided to adopt a software platform to manage their community, they knew that an elegant and technology-driven solution would be key to their success. Using ManageCasa has saved so much of the time they had been spending trying to collect and communicate with their homeowners, granting them renewed direction to focus on the overall direction of the community.

Tools to keep things efficient for the Board at Gilberts

By implementing ManageCasa and its tools such as an owner portals, automatic assessment charges synced with accounting, ePayment for dues collection, the full accounting suite, and architectural requests, Woodlands is now able to manage its entire operation in one easy-to-use system. This allows the board to use its valuable volunteer time as effectively as possible.

“Implementing ManageCasa has allowed us to run our HOA so much more efficiently than how we were running our community before. The power to communicate and collect dues from our owners all in one interface has saved us a ton of time and allowed us to focus on bigger initiatives.”

– Jon, President of the Board

Big Business Edge

Regardless of the number of employees in your company, or how many property units one manages, there are always tasks and skills that every business must abide by. But the founders of Woodlands have peace of mind that they can rely on ManageCasa to keep them up-to-date on current industry standards and best practices.. The comprehensive but easy-to-use accounting module is a highlight, as are the financial reports in ManageCasa that they can have handy when rental owners pose questions about the association’s macro-level financial performance.

“Finding a tool like ManageCasa was a game changer for us. Property Managers like us take chances to help our business grow each day and we achieve a sense of peace when we finally take those steps forward towards becoming a more legitimate business. ManageCasa was definitely one of those steps for us.”

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