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TownHomes Nob Hill

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Company Name:

Nob Hill NBRHD


Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States

Year Established:


Units Managed:

12 property units

User Type:

Apartment Building

Favorite Features:

Tenant Portal Accounting, Reporting, Resident Communication, ePayments

Challenge Overview

  • They have been managing his 12 townhome development using free services from sites like, but sought a software solution that was a little more robust and professional.
  • Sought a simple and cost-effective solution for managing accounting and reporting, and to allow tenants to make maintenance requests.
  • Needed the ability to allow multiple tenants in a unit to make payments simultaneously.


After struggling with the convoluted nature of some of the free platforms on the market, TownHomes Nob Hill decided to give ManageCasa a try. 

In the early-going, the TownHomes Nob Hill team received training, including live, in-person training sessions with representatives from ManageCasa’s Customer Success team. Everything was scheduled by the ManageCasa onboarding team, to ensure that the property manager team could be there in person to get their questions answered and ensure they had a deep understanding of all the features of the software.

Key Outcome

Thus far, they have enjoyed the flexibility and personalization that comes from working with ManageCasa. His team has also found the product to be a lot simpler than some of the competitors, where you could easily spend hours and hours just generating reports. ManageCasa’s automation has made things simple and straightforward. 

The TownHomes Nob Hill team doesn’t have any on-site management dedicating a full workday to the software, and they have found the mobile-first nature of the product to be especially beneficial. It allows him to quickly make changes and add information on the go, get a birds eye view of the revenue coming in, and look at reports without being tied to a desk all day.

“It’s helpful to not have to worry about who has paid and who hasn’t – we get emails when payments come through and if there’s any issue we’re immediately alerted, so we no longer  have to dig through it every day. When we have a new tenant we just set them up on the platform and it delivers. It’s truly a set it and forget it type of platform and we really like that aspect.”

– Rahim, Property Manager

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