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MoanaVentures Inc

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Company Name:

MoanaVentures Inc


San Francisco, CA, United States

Year Established:


Units Managed:

28+ property units

User Type:

Property Manager

Favorite Features:

Tenant PortalOwner Portal with Owner StatementAccounting and Financial ReportsRent Payments

Challenge Overview

  • Start a technology-driven property management business
  • Grow the portfolio and remain nimble, small team
  • Find an interactive solution that keeps the company engaged with tenants and rental owners



MoanaVentures is using the entire ManageCasa Pro Plan.


Key Outcome

With ManageCasa, MoanaVentures Inc was able to digitize their entire business around technology.

The Tenant and Owner Portal allows them to stay engaged with clients in a very cost-efficient, seamless, and non-intrusive way. Communication has been reduced to the bare essentials. Rent payments, bookkeeping and vendor payments are all tracked and recorded when they occur immediately within ManageCasa’s accounting portal, which covers both property accounting and MoanaVentures company financials.

Repairs, as well as recurring maintenance intervals are all recorded, managed and discussed through ManageCasa which has eliminated most on-site visits. Paper recording is not necessary either; instead the platform allows image sharing diretly between tenants, the MoanaVentures maintenance team and any 3rd party vendor.

From zero to 100!

With ManageCasa, the founding team of MoanaVentures saw the opportunity to create a next generation Property Management business that is built all around a technology platform to help scale their business from zero to a leading property management firm within a very short period of time.

When the founders of MoanaVentures decided to create a property management firm around their privately owned portfolio of residential real estate that comprises of multi-unit properties, single family homes and apartments in larger residential developments, their core mission was to use the latest and best technology on the market to cover all core elements of efficient property management.

Tools to help MoanaVentures Grow

When they incorporated as a company, MoanaVentures needed a property management software that was simple to implement, supported thir high efficiency aspiration, and would scale alongside their growth. As a technologically savvy entrepreneurs, they naturally initiated a rigorous process to pinpoint the best solution for their needs.

“We found ManageCasa to be the system with the least amount of management required, giving us the time to focus on what really mattered – finding the best tenants and growing our business.”

With the help of ManageCasa, MoanaVentures is never worried about staying on top of their financials.

“The interactivity and automation of ManageCasa is a game changer. We essentially have been able to build our entire Property Management business around technology and keep our resource investment to a minimum!”

– Beverly Lim, Managing Director

Big Business Edge

Regardless of the number of employees in your company, or how many property units someone manages, there are always tasks and skills that every business has to abide by. But the founders of MoanaVentures have peace of mind that they can rely on ManageCasa to keep them up-to-date on the best way to handle things. The comprehensive but easy-to-use accounting is a highlight, as are the financial reports in ManageCasa that they can have handy when questions about financial performance from the rental owners come up.

“Finding a tool like ManageCasa was a game changer for us. Property Managers like us take chances to help our business grow each day and a sense of peace comes over us when we finally take those steps forward towards becoming a more legit business. ManageCasa was definitely one of those steps for us.”

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