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With ManageCasa you can manage the entire operational life cycle of your commercial assets using a single intuitive all-in-one property management software.

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Your Entire Portfolio in one modern software platform

Take advantage of a technology leader, to grow and diversify your portfolio. ManageCasa’s mobile-friendly, intuitive, interactive and automated all-in-one property management software has the features necessary to optimize your business workflows. Take advantage of robust accounting and reporting, best-in-class global search and other industry-specific functions, as well as a variety of customizable options you can tailor to meet your unique business needs.. With ManageCasa you can grow your portfolio whether it is commercial properties only or alongside other portfolio types.

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  • Office

  • Industrial

  • Parking

Efficiently managing commercial units requires software that keeps things organized and transparent by helping to reduce your workload so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

Commercial Property Management Platform Features

  • Professional Website

    Create and edit your professional website from within the ManageCasa Application in minutes using your user friendly website authoring tool. No web development expertise required. Connect your website experience directly to owner and tenant portals to provide a TRULY integrated experience.

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  • Vacancy Posting

    Even though your commercial properties have different requirements compared to residential properties, we help you to advertise your commercial units directly on your website and syndicate to our ecosystem of marketplaces. See the performance of your vacancies on your real-time vacancy dashboard.

  • Lease Management

    Streamline your lease process by utilizing integrated marketing and leasing features tailored specifically to your commercial properties. Receive reminders and notifications about all lease activities and updates. Schedule rent increases.

    Bonus: The system automatically creates transaction records in accounting based on lease terms saved.

  • Online Rent Payments

    Reduce the time spent handling paper checks, manual data entry and reconciling rent payments.

  • Schedule Rent Increase

    Configure and schedule rent increases based on the terms of your commercial lease.

  • Robust Accounting

    Run full corporate and property books to always have a detailed and optimized view of your transactions and business financials. Our robust rental accounting module allows you to automatically charge tenants for rent, CAM charges, collect payments online and reconcile them with your bank account. Automate late fees, create delinquency reports uniquely accessible to specific team members and easily share information with property owners.

  • Commercial Reports

    Create and access customized reports in the formats required for optimal management of your commercial property business. Share reports with the right stakeholders either within your company or with owners and tenants through the portals.

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  • Streamline Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

    Optimize the way you record, reconcile, and bill shared common area maintenance tracking and increase your team’s productivity. Track CAM expenses and reconcile them as needed. Manage Maintenance requests, automate recurring intervals, and provide your staff with inspection services add-ons.

  • Online Maintenance & Work Orders

    Report, collaborate on, and resolve maintenance issues efficiently. Assign work orders to your in-house handyman or service pro quickly. Tenants can submit maintenance requests through their portal and you can keep all communication about the ticket in context.

  • Powerful Global Search

    ManageCasa offers a powerful global search across all your contacts, properties, leases and more. Data, filters, custom fields and relationships allow for robust filtering and focused search results.

  • Tenant & Owner Portals

    Grant owners portal access and allow them to view their account history and financial statements. Share documents at any time via the owner portal. Read more about owner and tenant portal.

  • In-app Communication and File Sharing

    Share and interact with tenants and owners through the app and keep communication and documents where they belong. Better communication means more returning customers. Organize and share documents easily.

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  • Management & Productivity

    Use the best-in class technology to help you increase productivity with a configurable solution that you can tailor to your requirements. You’ll have the ability to create various user profiles, role based permissions, performance insights, and utilize a flexible and configurable workflow builder (coming soon).

  • Onboarding & Training

    Get your environment setup fast with our skilled team of data migration engineers, train your staff with 3 hours of included training or any additional custom training as requested, and provide your associates or maintenance staff with the proper permission privileges to configure their workflows as needed for your business.

“ManageCasa’s universal and easy-to-adopt software makes it very cost effective to operate our commercial properties in a modern intuitive way that we never would have achieved with other software products on the market.”
Erica Schuster Property Manager

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