Commercial Properties are managed more efficiently on ManageCasa

With ManageCasa you can manage the entire operational lifecycle and the entire interactive nature in one single intuitive all-in-one property management software made for commercial properties.

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Using ManageCasa

Features built to more efficiently manage Commercial Properties

With ManageCasa’s mobile-friendly, intuitive, interactive and automated all-in-one property management software, property managers can more efficiently manage and operate commercial, residential, Associations and mixed portfolio properties. Stay efficient on a tool that has been developed with the commercial needs in mind.

Efficiently managing commercial units requires a software that keeps things organized and transparent by helping to reduce your workload so that you can concentrate on growing your business.

  • Vacancy Posting

    Post to your website and syndicate your listings to our ecosystem of marketplaces to reach more renters.

  • Online Lease Management

    Create leases faster online and allow them to be eSigned. Automate lease management with our SMART eLease Features.

    Bonus: The system automatically creates transaction records in accounting based on lease terms saved.

  • Online Rent Payments

    Reduce the time spent handling paper checks, manual data entry and reconciling rent payments.

  • Schedule Rent Increase

    Configure and schedule rent increases based on the terms of your commercial lease.

  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM)

    Record, reconcile, and bill shared common area expenses and income with the correct distribution key.

  • Full Accounting

    Run full books on each of your properties as well as your management company to always have a detailed and optimized view of your transactions and business financials.

  • Online Maintenance & Work Orders

    Report, collaborate on and resolve maintenance issues efficiently. Assign work orders to your in-house handyman or service pro quickly.

  • Commercial Reports

    Create and access customized reports in the formats required for optimal management of your commercial property business.

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“ManageCasa’s universal and easy-to-adopt software makes it very cost effective to operate our commercial properties in amodern intuitive way that we never would have achieved with other software products on the market."
Erica Schuster Landlord

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